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Suggestion to implement Dwarf Dragon Slayers and Daemon Slayers [feedback wanted]

BossHumbertBossHumbert Registered Users Posts: 11
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Hey, I've never posted on this forum before, but I had this idea recently and I wanted to share it someplace for the greater community to see. I posted this on reddit this morning, but I really feel like I may have got something here, but if you folks would let me know what you all think I'd really appreciate it. Also, thought maybe the CA devs would like to see this and it could give them some good ideas.

I know a few of you are like me, and you want to see the Dwarfs get the rest of their full Slayer roster someday, including the lords and heroes. Well last night I had this crazy idea for a way to implement these two characters and I just had to share it.

As many of you may already know the Dragon Slayer is the Dwarf Slayer hero. He would be a melee hero, not too dissimilar to the Thane at the outset, but perhaps any armor would be traded for extra melee attack or something (I don't know stats too well, sorry guys). I feel like he should be a pure combat character, no campaign abilities, just embed him into an army and send him into battle with your warriors. Maybe, like the Thane, he would also give a couple passive buffs to your troops, but he's mostly going to be in your army to fight and die (yes, die).

After reaching a certain level (maybe level 15 or 20?) they unlock access to a special skill on their skill tree, Daemon Slayer. This skill promotes your Slayer hero into a lord, giving him access to truncated red and blue skill trees with an emphasis on leading armies, primarily composed of other Slayers, headlong into battle in the most hostile territory. One major caveat: Slayer lords and heroes will never gain access to the Immortal skill. Slayers want to die after all, so we must lead them to the worthy death they desire, no matter how many beasties have to be butchered to get them there. One way to encourage this could be to grant some kind of reward for the player after the Slayer hero/lord's death, some resources or some kind of factionwide buff modified based on the Slayer's final level. I'm also thinking the Daemon Slayer could cause some small public order penalties wherever they are, even in player owned or allied territory, this would also serve to encourage the player to ship them off to the Chaos Wastes or wherever else ASAP.

So what do you guys think, any likes or dislikes? I'd really like to get some comments from the community on this, maybe some alternative ideas for some of these mechanics.

Edit: I just learned that in the tabletop game Daemon Slayers, while they were a lord choice, had a special rule called loner, that says they are not allowed to lead armies. While I'll admit to never having played tabletop Warhammer, I'd generally prefer the Total War games to keep similar rules (at least as far as an RTS can keep in common with a turn based tactics game), but for this specific idea I'd like to argue that the Daemon Slayer isn't really leading an army in the typical sense. He's operating entirely independently to try to find his death in battle against the most horrible beings imaginable. Sure, maybe a little retinue of awestruck Dwarf admirers are drawn to bear witness to his awesome prowess... at a respectable distance of course, and maybe a handful of younger slayers will want to accompany him to find their own deaths, but that is entirely their choice and honestly the Daemon Slayer would probably rather they all buggered off elsewhere and let him face his doom in peace, but then who'd spread word of his ultimate fate?

I suppose the main point of this is just to find a way to implement the Slayer Cult's upper ranks in Total War without them feeling like one's just a more powerful version of the other, and the recent implementation of Gotrek (and Felix) started some wheels turning.
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  • BrightestLightBrightestLight Registered Users Posts: 522
    I dont think daemon slayers should be lords, as lords have to lead an army in this. I love the idea of no immortality amd death giving resources or whatever bonus, could also make it so the higher level the slayer the better the death reward.

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