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Importing Models and Textures

lucas_meddlelucas_meddle Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
I have successfully imported models and textures from Rome 2 into Attila and vice versa without problems. However I imported models and textures from Britannia into Attila, to improve the appearance of northern factions, and it doesn't look right in assembly kit. Half of the variant models look perfect the other half are all grayed out like when the textures are missing, there is just a little bit of the faction color that appears around the edges. Very strange, does anyone know what causes this?


  • DrewweavesDrewweaves Registered Users Posts: 1
    I've experienced the same thing. Although it happens with every ToB model for me ;(
  • PanDorszPanDorsz Registered Users Posts: 2
    In case you didn't manage to make it work, you need to import textures as well as models. Textures are in "tex" folders in models3.pack in TOB data. Also TOB has slightly different structure, there is no "armour" or "clothing" folders but there is "tops" instead. To make them show up in Attila Assembly Kit just copy everything from "tops" folder and place it for example in "clothing". Make sure your mod.pack has the same structure as folders in assemlby_kit/working_data/variantmeshes/_variantmodels. I managed to make it all work:

    My working data looks like this:

    And mod file in PFM from first SS:

    Try placing all files like I did, perhaps it will help.
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