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Horde armies need better AI

BossHumbertBossHumbert Registered Users Posts: 11
edited September 2019 in Feedback & Suggestions
I've read comments here and there about horde armies being wiped out too quickly. I believed them, but I hadn't seen it for myself until today.

I just saw Nakai lead a miniscule force of wounded soldiers into a Blue Vipers' settlement and to their deaths. Are they not programmed for self preservation? This needs to be fixed.


  • MarkerMarker Registered Users Posts: 1,193
    Hordes are indeed very underpowered as AI, this is due to the fact they start with one small stack and when that stack is dead they are gone.

    The beast man for example can start with three legendary lords spread out on the map instead of one. that comes back every xx number of turns when wiped out early game.

    Nakai should be able to be in a wounded state like other Legendary Lords and be recruited after a x number of turns as long as he had a Vasal settlement free of sieges, it is pretty weird for a factions with 10+ settlements to just wipe out in a single fight.

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