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Total War meet Civilization = Total War Histories

MiikkakrMiikkakr Registered Users Posts: 6
Hi guys,

I'm a long-term TW fan, although studies and working life and other stuff has disrupted experiencing these great games. Now I'm playing RTW2 (3rd time I guess) and have Warhammer bought but I'm a bit iffy about the lore since I'm not into Warhammer in any way. I've played MTW, MTW2, RTW and RTW2. Favorite so far MTW2 with LOTR mod.

I recently played civ 5 with my son and now rtw myself and found that these games might have something to give to each other. The diplomatic game with families in RTW2 already is quite interesting but I'm there kind of guy who thinks why it all has to end 😂

So, how about starting from somewhere around Stone Age and having something like camp sites or suitable settlements in the beginning? I'm not sure if I would like to keep the game in a "settler mode" for too long but I guess the first ones cannot be fixed. You could also manage the land around the settlements like in civ but that's secondary.

Just imagine the research trees, diplomacy options, faction development in terms of government and on top of that, the role playing element of TW with important characters and generals.

A lot of work for sure but I would easily preorder for 70€. With a reputable dev company and publishers, so would many others.



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