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How I lost the campaign on turn 8

Game started me with one province and a sabotage agent. Thinking I needed a diplomat agent to do things, I didn't get any trade going. By turn 5 I had taken a weak enemy town, should have made them a vassal because the neighbor faction declared war on me that turn. Turn 8, they invade and I pull all my units out of the town to get them on the battlefield.

I have some 1 unit of surviving swordsman, 1 matchlock unit, the rest are the awful beginner levy infantry and spears because it's all I can train. Battle comes, they have lots of line infantry which I severely underestimated. Also my force was led by a 1 star leader daimyo who outranked my 3 star heir. The enemy dodged both naval bombardments.

Finally, I charged them up on the hill they took, inspired the swordsman so they could take that strong center unit. Got 3 enemy units to route but they had reserves of yari spears. Then my general died along with any hope for the future. If only I had 6 line infantry of my own that early. There's nothing I could build to get units to match that faction's tech.

Tips for an 8 turn FotS newbie?


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    Samurais are medieval suiciders, just research the regular infantry as soon as possible and before that just hire the militia infantry with some minimal amount of ashigaru with yari to defend them against the cavalry etc. Then get the parrot cannons as soon as possible to shoot enemy militia hords from afar. The late game is won by breech-loading rifle infantry and armstrong cannons, with optinally added carbine cavalry and gatling guns.
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