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Just a bit on this last DLC...

tigahstyletigahstyle Registered Users Posts: 12
First off, I wanted to say I loved the last update mechanics...

Everything except the game-breaking MP bug. Took a $10 leap getting White Dwarf for Gotrek & Felix and haven't even really used them. At this point totally could've just waited until the 20th. I feel like we really should've been refunded the cost of the DLC since it broke half of the game for many, many people that also spent the money on getting G&F early. A better public announcement with some sort of projected time-line or a "Hey! We know this exists. Turns out it's kind of a big problem and we're sorry. We'll have it fixed ASAP. Please be patient." Nothing of the sort happened. People had to harass the devs on a live stream to get any sort of answer. It's sad that most players are now having to resort to review-bombing to get attention on certain issues which makes me concerned for abuse of that function in an attempt to strong-arm the publishers/devs into action. IDK about you all, but I'd really like to see some recognition on this on CA's part. I love the single-player too, but MP is half the game and most of what I play and have happily and loyally getting almost every DLC.

Given how much money a lot of us thrown at this game, it would be a nice gesture for them to hand out some refunds. If not only for the people that entered the code early from White Dwarf and spent the extra $10 for it. That would cover the cost of the magazine. This whole thing left a sour taste in my mouth, and I'd imagine I'm not alone. Will probably hold off on future DLC until I know it's not going to break anything.


  • RifugioRifugio Member Registered Users Posts: 1,125
    edited October 2019
    Holding off is the safe bet, there is a lot of innovation going on with Warhammer compared to previous TW games, and combined with the growing complexity of the game, this means that there are likely going to be more issues, that will take a longer time to address.

    But, can you honestly say that playing safe is what Warhammer is about? ;)

    That said, if you were just buying the magazine for the DLC, I think you really should have held off until the 20th. I am curious however, did you think the soon to be FLC was worth paying more for alone than Hunter & the Beast?

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