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What's the difference between climbing_ladder_speed_modifier and climbing_wall_speed_modifier?

agentbermy441agentbermy441 Registered Users Posts: 18
Don't every infantry unit use the ladders?


  • KirashioKirashio Registered Users Posts: 11
    I don't know for sure but most likely one is for scaling ladders when attacking a wall and the other is for using the stairs on the inside to get on to or off of the wall.
  • AsamuAsamu Registered Users Posts: 656
    The climb wall modifier probably has to do with getting on/off the wall from the inside or using a siege tower.

    I don't know for certain though.
  • Mech_4Mech_4 Registered Users Posts: 227
    It might be a modifier from a previous Total War game. I believe there's a few from Rome 2 that don't do anything in Warhammer.

    Climbing wall puts me in mind of the infantry climbing in Shogun 2.
  • EnforestEnforest Registered Users Posts: 2,160
    First one is probably how fast the unit puts the ladder on a wall.

    Second is how fast it climbs the wall.

    However I am not sure if these even work, most likely a left-over code.

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