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looking for a mount mod for isabella

SanyanaSanyana Registered Users Posts: 8
I really would love to have her on a zombie dragon.

I tryed to do it myself but I think learning chinese fluid might be the more easy task for me.
I know about the mount mod that exists but thst outdated and bugged.

I only want isabella on a zombie dragon. If someone kan do such things or knows if it exists already please let me know I would be most greatfull!


  • alan810361alan810361 Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited October 2019
    試試看從 land_unit_table 裡的 mount 改成殭屍龍
    直接找 land_unit_table 的 wh2_dlc11_vmp_cha_bloodline_blood_dragon_lord

    English on the forum please:
    Google Translation-
    Try changing from mount in land_unit_table to zombie dragon
    But you may also have to change man_animation
    Go directly to land_unit_table for wh2_dlc11_vmp_cha_bloodline_blood_dragon_lord
    And copy and paste
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