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The Empire Undivided Update - Master Feedback Thread



  • legendarnuilegendarnui Registered Users Posts: 2
    playing for the empire Karl Franz.
    Lotern sea port
    level 1 +300 gold
    level 3 +200 gold
    level 5 +1000 gold

    port level1 get many gold than level3
  • TeNoSkillTeNoSkill Registered Users Posts: 3,792
    edited October 2019
    Electorial troops

    A very nice addition, that allows to bring more of the Empire´s massive variety on units to the game.


    I´d suggest to only be able to recruit the elector troops in the province they hail from;

    I´d also suggest, that more are added to the pool (to have 2-3 per province).

    Also the cooldown time could be a bit more flexible, coz a unit of swordsmen with frenzy (Sons of Ulric) can never be as effective as a steamtank (Emperors wrath) (in addition to steamtanks beeing unique vehicles inuniverse).

    So to have not 15 turns for every unit set in stone, but between 8 and 30 turns.

    Also ways to decrease the cooldown between 3-6 turns would be nice and/or ways to increase the number of the same unit to be recreuited (currently you can only get 1 and then the recharge stops).

  • Lord_CreeperLord_Creeper Registered Users Posts: 1
    Fealty level is pointless when you can have a rng event making an elector want to secede from the empire - well played...
  • ferundalferundal Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 77
    Then i play as Nakai and confedirate Mazdamundi, i can't finish his legendary item quest lines:

    1) Standart of Hexoatl ask me to make the rite what my faction do not got.

    2) Cobra Mace of Mazdamundi ask me to build a buildin wich my faction do not have.
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  • UjaxtheUltimateUjaxtheUltimate Registered Users Posts: 3
    A couple issues I've got:

    1. I want line of sight in my provinces back, seeing nothing on the map was my second most hated thing in Medieval II (after the agent spamming A.I.s with unfair bonuses to success) but Medieval II had ways to counteract the pitiful LOS, such as building outposts. I haven't seen enough people talking about this so I thought I should mention it.

    2. Make computers look at relative combined power of the overlord and vassal instead of just the vassal when considering going to war with them or make all diplomacy with a vassal go through the overlord.
  • corvus14corvus14 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I love the new update for the Empire, but I think that an improvement could be made in a future update. The Empire had 2 provinces that were destroyed, Solland and Drakwald, with the new update adding the reclamation of Solland under Balthasar Gelt. This addition is awesome for those who players who want to reclaim the Empire's old lands, but is somewhat lacking without a way to reclaim Drakwald, set up an Elector Count for it, or even units associated with the province. I feel that this would be a great way for a new empire faction to be created, possibly under the leadership of Volkmar the Grim, or a new Empire lord. At the very least the addition of this province, along with an Elector Count seat for it would be appreciated. Also an elector count seat for the Moot would be great, though I have no idea what items an Elector Count would get for ownership of the province.
  • MasariusMasarius Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,099
    edited November 2019
    Overall a great update.

    Huntsman generals need some tweaking.

    Shooting from walls doesn't work that great for him. Just a had fight: He fired one time. Repositioning didn't solve the issue.

    Shooting at enemies which are also at the wall barely works.

    The arrow of aqshy doesn't even work at all when the general and the unit are both at walls, resulting in the 5cd for usage and then nothing happens.

    Also the huntsman general starts moving on his own when "shooting" at enemies when both are at the same wall.
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  • Xen0techXen0tech Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 58
    This was mentioned in part earlier but please update the bonus objectives. Here is a few examples of why they hinder the player experience.

    The complete X amount of missions has always been random based on A. if you are lucky enough to get missions and B. if it's feasible to complete them.

    Build a barracks before taking 2 settlements is possible but you would have to just sit there skipping turns for far longer than it's worth.

    Destroy the secessionists faction. There is 3 secessionists settlements now after Grunburg and the chapter ends after taking 2 of them. The only way this is possible is to make a second army to take 2 settlements in 1 turn. Again not worth it.

    I like most love the update thank you for your hard work.
  • thufirthufir Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited January 2020

    [edit: saw this has been addressed, was a bug apparently]
  • von_Luetzowvon_Luetzow Member Registered Users Posts: 77
    Not having played WH2 in a while - and not having been aware at all that there was an update - I am positively stunned by the support you still give the game. Accordingly it's time to say 'thank you'! This is exactly how a developer's policy should look like imho. Please keep this up for titles to come.
  • maksimpavlyuchenkomaksimpavlyuchenko Registered Users Posts: 2
    1. We very-very need a button “attack nearest enemy without order” for melee units, especially for infantry. I think player must spend his micro to control casters, heroes, chivalry, artillery etc. But now I must control each infantry units in XtX, because they stop after charge and can’t retarget if their enemy was run away or eliminated. Sometimes I have APM about 100 during a battle for orcs vs scavens - every 5-10 seconds I must retarget each infantry.
    2. There is too many disciples and equipments in campaign, sometimes I take about 5 new disciples every turn. All lords and heroes filled these “trinkets” and many more of this in reserve.
    3. I think we need limites for high-tier units like for heroes. Dwarf have about 1 000 000 golds on 100 turn, high price for these units don’t prevents doom-stack.
    4. Campaign AI stupidly moving his army between cities there and back, it’s take a lot of time;
    5. Orcs still too weak;
    6. Late game still not interesting, dwarf economics in late game still very powerfull, I have avout 1 400 000 on 140 turn and about 40 000 income per turn.
    7. I have a bug with "Book of resentiments" - "resentiments" don't strike out.
    8. Uncorrect showing snow (Ryzen 7 3700x, 32GB RAM, 2080 Super, 4k resolve, max quality).
    Sorry for my English.
  • eomateomat Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,978
    Stir River Patrol Elector Count State Troops

    @CA_James could you guys get the Stir River Patrol coloured to their correct colours? Right now they are in a weird Teal. As Empire players we try to theme our armies. The Stir River Patrol should be in the same green as normal units for Striland but have white rather than yellow.

    For thematic armies the gaudy colours they are in now just doesn’t work.
  • MRFlackMRFlack Member Registered Users Posts: 271
    Would it be possible to give Legendary Lords and Faction Leaders titles that they have in the lore. Karl Franz has the title of Emperor, but Balthasar Gelt lost any chance for his title of Supreme Patriarch when the Empire’s Office system was removed. All the High Elves seem to be fine with being addressed by their first names in any diplomatic encounter, as are the Bretonnians and Dwarfs.

    Also, could you give us more space to name our characters.
  • dusk235dusk235 Registered Users Posts: 5
    TeNoSkill said:

    PS: Why is the only way of getting rid of skaven undercities money and not just batteling them?

    Jman5 said:

    Skaven Under Empire detection:

    I can't tell if you have made the Skaven build more under empires, or if they were always this aggressive but I'm just detecting them more (that would be ominous...). However what I do know is that the Skaven AI's build logic is constantly putting them way over the detection limit. It would really improve the campaign if you made the AI smarter about spreading and staying under the limit because then you could give players some real fun surprises!

    Going forward I can't help but feel a little underwhelmed with the current clean-up system for dealing with under empires. It's just a gold sink and that's it. It would be a lot more fun if detection triggered an automatic battle with the local garrison. It would give Empire players a lot more early game combat with Skaven. I really hope you guys give this mechanic another look because it's such an amazing concept.

    adding to this - if your garrison is too weak you should get the closest army to that region for a support or wait it out until you level up your garrison until it's ready for battle, otherwise you have to suffer knowing there is undercity sucking your resources. Thanks.
  • mtralanismtralanis Registered Users Posts: 2
    Hi CA,

    I was just thinking, would it be possible to add Imperial Engineers to the Empire faction? They are quite artillery based, and a hero to buff that artillery would be helpful. Thanks!


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