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Cooperative (co-op) DLCs

WarfieldWarfield Registered Users Posts: 330
Since we have some races missing more content than others, CA may eventually be forced to come up with unusual match-ups, or omit content all together because of a lack of content for appropriate match-ups. How about instead of coming out with vs DLCs, CA comes out with co-op DLCs? We could have two faction leaders team up for a quest against existing enemies. That way the races missing more content can get it and get it quicker.

What do you all think? What are some good co-op DLC ideas out there?

Warfield Undermountain
Dwarf Lord of Zhufbar (for the time being)
LINK: Skaven vs Dwarfs - The Unclean and The Upstart DLC
Daemons of Chaos vs Dwarfs - The Daemon and The Slayer DLC
Greenskins vs Dwarfs - The Troll-Eater and The Vengeful DLC


  • RiskafishRiskafish Registered Users Posts: 635
    I would love them to do something like this with the Dreadfleet. Jheago Roth and Aranessa Saltspike teaming up to fight Count Noctilus and his Dreadfleet. They could even do mini campaigns.

    Its unlikely they will do this but I would be happy if they did.
  • BaronRodneyBaronRodney Registered Users Posts: 835
    Bring Greenskins out in all their glory, full rosters, unit variants and dozens of new lord types... Then bring out a Co-op Lord Pack of Empire and Dwarfs to hold back the tide.
  • MrGloverGloverMrGloverGlover Registered Users Posts: 47
    I'd love more co-op support for the game in general. It's my favourite aspect.
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