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Why do Barded Nightmares unlock after Hellsteeds?

ItharusItharus Senior MemberPosts: 7,045Registered Users
Seems sketch? Hellsteeds are like... undead pegasi. Shouldn't they unlock later than barded nightmares?


  • RiskafishRiskafish Posts: 354Registered Users
    I think its because Hellsteads are very vulnerable to missiles with lower armour and being in the air. Barded nightmares offer a armour boost, good speed and are far less exposed while still letting the VC get those disgusting winds of death off.
  • Elder_MolochElder_Moloch Posts: 1,783Registered Users
    I assume, it's an oversight with Necromancers only.
    Vampires have it at 8 (for BN) and 10 (for HS), if I recall it correctly.

    But Necromancers are in weird spot in general in terms of mounts. 10 for regular Corspe Cart (similar to Hellsteed), 13 for Balefire (1 more compared even to their own Nightmare) and 16 for AoE Healing (for the record - 18 is requirement for Dragon mount).

    Approximately, I would probably go with these levels for accessibility:
    - Corpse Carts at 5/7/10 (or 5/6/7)
    - Bardered Nightmare at 10 (or 8)
    - Hellsteed at 15 (or 12)
    - Zombie Dragon at 25 (or 20-23)
    - Terrorgheist at 20 (or 15-18), since Strigoi doesn't have other mounts

  • ItharusItharus Senior Member Posts: 7,045Registered Users
    Vampires and even Isabella have this issue rn.
  • Elder_MolochElder_Moloch Posts: 1,783Registered Users
    Just checked. Indeed, Vampire Hero has this issue as well.
    Thank you very much for pointing it out!

    Isabella doesn't though. Meanwhile, Necrarch Lord has it as well.

    Atm, these seem fine:
    Mannfred/Generic Vampire Lord/Lahmian Lord/Blood Dragon Lord/Von Carstein Lord: Barderd Nightmare (8); Hellsteed (10); Zombie Dragon (18)
    Isabella: Barderd Nightmare (8); Hellsteed (10)
    Necromancer Hero: Nightmare (8); CC (10); CC Balefire (13); CC Loadstone (16)
    Strigoi: Terrorgheist (20)
    Wight King: Steed (4); Bardered Steed (7 - though a bit weird, since more like stat toss, rather stat buff, so idk)

    These seem off:
    Vampire Hero: Barderd Nightmare (12); Hellsteed (10)
    Necrarch Lord: Barderd Nightmare (12); Hellsteed (10); Zombie Dragon (22)
    Master Necromancer: Barderd Nightmare (12); Hellsteed (10);
    CC (10); CC Balefire (13); CC Loadstone (16)

  • ItharusItharus Senior Member Posts: 7,045Registered Users
    Huh thought hers was off too.
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