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What does the "Distrusts the Empire" trait actually do?

42konyo42konyo Registered Users Posts: 783
edited October 2019 in General Discussion
So now that the Empire update has been patched I figured i'd give it a go and see if it's as good as the patch notes made it seem, however i'm a dozen turns in and only just now realized that every Empire faction with the exception of Middenland and the golden order have the "Distrusts the Empire" trait.
From the dipliomatic screen you can see that it does apply a minor penalty to your relations with those factions but supposedly it also means that those factions are harder to confederate/interact with, however I've never seen actual stats on this, does anyone know what it changes in raw numbers/percentages?
getting the AI to accept offers on VH is already tedious enough in most scenario's, and since I was planning to play a bit lorefully this time around without just conquering the majority of Empire factions it'd be good to know if this run is doomed from the start and if I should just restart to see if I get a bit luckier with the faction traits.


  • RiskafishRiskafish Registered Users Posts: 535
    I think it is just the relations penalty. Relations are needed to confederate so having a lower one also makes it harder to confederate.
  • kitekazekitekaze Registered Users Posts: 282
    FYI, Positive relationship boost Fealty.
    50=>1 Fealty
    100=>1 Fealty (2 in total)
    150=>1 Fealty (3 in total)

    I don't know if negative relationship reduce fealty or not, but "Distrust the empire" hinder that province a lot. (you can't reach to non-aggression, trade, military access pact, which can increase relationship), especially as you grow larger.

    Late game, pretisge overshadows all so it doesn't matter.
  • CanuoveaCanuovea Registered Users, Moderators Posts: 13,871
    Distrusts the Empire seems to make them more likely to say no even if they seem to like you.
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  • 42konyo42konyo Registered Users Posts: 783
    Canuovea said:

    Distrusts the Empire seems to make them more likely to say no even if they seem to like you.

    That's the thing i'd like to know, if there's an actual modifier for that, for example a 33% higher relations needed before accepting a deal or if it's something that requires something else altogether, it's frustrating how little we as players are told about the game, older TW titles used to be a lot better in breaking down aspects of the game.
  • blaatblaat Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,114
    it just gives an aversion penalty of 15 AFAIK


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