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Graphical downgrades at ultra settings?

JayJayBinksJayJayBinks Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey so I've been playing on all ultra settings for quite a while and have noticed that my game doesn't look quite as good as what I see on YouTube and stuff. I finally decided to compare my benchmark against those on YouTube and have definitely noticed a huge drop in quality.

Obviously my fps is lower (and I understand why). But things like textures, unit detail, environment detail, etc are noticeably downgraded from the benchmarks I saw on YouTube. Also noticed that the units have this weird "shimmering" effect to them on mine. Does the game downgrade graphics settings if your PC can't handle it (despite you setting them to ultra)?

Specs: GTX 1080, Ryzen 7 1700, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1080p monitor.


  • MurthorOathstone12MurthorOathstone12 Registered Users Posts: 67
    If you don't have the unlimited graphic thingy clicked, then it will auto downgrade if it senses your PC cannot handle it.
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  • BillyRuffianBillyRuffian Moderator UKRegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 37,834
    Check your gfx.log to see what is being downgraded and to what settings.

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