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Hoping Chaos gets a Visual Overhaul along with Rework

WaaaghCheifWaaaghCheif Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,533


  • MarkerMarker Registered Users Posts: 1,363
    I hope they will get a rework after the Greenskins.

    Could use another Legendary Lord that hopefully will be a Crossover DLC, since the Everwatcher will probably move in TWW3 and is not playable in the campaign.
  • TimpeyoTimpeyo Registered Users Posts: 1,532
    edited November 2019
    I think there pretty much garentied to get a rework and new units/LLs. If that's before game three or during is another question as for visual overhaul most likely if there adding god aligned units to the roster. I also see Norsca getting somthing extra

  • TsiarTsiar Registered Users Posts: 384
    A visual rework for several factions are needed.

    Where the **** are the Empires slashed sleeves?

    Thank god for mods.
  • FrugFrug Registered Users Posts: 47
    That top right image of the miniatures is cropped to cut out the one with no helmet lol

    The 5th Ed plastic chaos warriors had some no helmet head options as well IIRC

    They should make it an optional toggle in the game tho
  • RiskafishRiskafish Registered Users Posts: 684
    I wish Chaos Warriors had black armour
  • WaaaghCheifWaaaghCheif Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,533
    Frug said:

    That top right image of the miniatures is cropped to cut out the one with no helmet

    That guy is heavily mutated, while the one in game is just a bald norscan.

  • Barrel02Barrel02 Registered Users Posts: 92
    The visually worst thing about WoC are the horses of the chaos knights. They are way to small to carry a Chaos Warrior. Same goes for Archaon. Dorghar looks like it could collapse every second under so much armor.
  • SephlockSephlock Registered Users Posts: 2,395
    Now do one of Damsels in lore and in the game.
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  • angry_rat_loverangry_rat_lover Registered Users Posts: 1,263
    CA got the shields wrong too, the chaos warriors hold the shield sideways in TWWH and it looks weird as hell, they also ride ponies for some reason
  • Aram_theheadAram_thehead Registered Users Posts: 1,005
    And Chaos Knights don't even point their lances at the enemy when they charge, they hold it at 45°, hitting nothing. (Some goes for all high elves cavalry actually).
  • OdTengriOdTengri Registered Users Posts: 4,259

    We've been over this before, Chaos Warriors being fully encased in Armor isn't cannon, Games Workshop went back and forth on that idea several times.
    Give us Doombull, Great Bray-Shaman, Wargor, and Tuskgor Chariot.

  • EnforestEnforest Registered Users Posts: 2,198
    Chaos and most imporantly Empire needs visual overhaul in the future.

    Steam Tank texture is just bad and low res. Captains look all the same and honestly should like much more younger and ornate, while the Generals could use the "grizzled beardy old veteran" look...

    Captains should also be able to pick ranged weapons.

    Demand more love for Empire, Greenskins and Beastmen! Playable Middenland with Cult of Ulric! Expanded Beastmen roster with Ghorgon and Jabberslythe! Bring back Black Orcs variants and Orc Big Boss heroes!
  • neodeinosneodeinos Registered Users Posts: 6,880
    Dunno if that makes sense but I'd love to see a mix of all Chaos Warriors from the four gods.
  • TimpeyoTimpeyo Registered Users Posts: 1,532
    I'd also love to see GS get a texture overhaul with there update to make them more detailed

  • SakuraHeinzSakuraHeinz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,710
    I guess the problem for warriors of chaos visuals is, that they were supposed to be just a AI enemy faction and not playable so CA didnt put maximum effort in them.
  • VuorinorriVuorinorri Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,531
    I still can't understand why Chosens doesn't have cloaks. Looks silly to me

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  • Aram_theheadAram_thehead Registered Users Posts: 1,005
    Because no piece of cloth can hide their immense amount of swag
  • SchwarzhelmSchwarzhelm Registered Users Posts: 1,408
    In my chaos game all exalted heroes look the same and not in a good way....

    If this is intended i hope they get an overhaul, I prefered the one with the closed helmet.
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