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Editing Victory Conditions for Last Roman Campaign

MtMoMtMo Registered Users Posts: 4
I have desperately been trying to mod the victory conditions in the last roman campaign, so that the Roman Expedition does not require to build a Greek Cathedral to achieve Divine Triumph, However I cannot get this to work.
I have tried:
Editing the startpos.esf with the Pack File Manager (both the COMPRESSED_DATA and the regular one).
Editing the victory_objectives.txt and then creating a .pack mod with BOB
Searching for everything even close to victory conditions in the DaVE databases but found nothing.
Searching for a mod that edits victory conditions so that I might copy their work process.

Does anybody have experience with modding Total War files or know of a mod that does this, which I have not been able to find? :)


  • agenthunkagenthunk Registered Users Posts: 101
    edited November 2019
    I have a solution for you and me.I chose latin and just now saw the victory conditions at year 553.....

    I think getting rid of latin churches by downgrading them should lower latin followers....this should work?

    I say this because early on I didnt have greek anywhere and the religions go up when there is no church...

    And use the edict growth and food...to see if other religions will go up and latin go down...
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