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Naval Battles

IncendioIncendio Registered Users Posts: 61
I am almost new to this game and I still haven't found out the idea on how to fight naval battles. The battle map is small, ships move really fast in this game, and everything happens so fast, that I find tactical maneuvering to be almost impossible. Also, the AI seems to know what to do but have any of you others found out how are they supposed to be dealt with? I could find some logic in naval battles in Empire, Napoleon, Shogun 2, but in Rome 2 I feel I lack of time to think and prepare any strategy. So share me your wisdom, how do they even actually work?


  • ArneSoArneSo Registered Users Posts: 9,048
    I have 2500h in rome 2 and also never understood naval battles. They really don’t work pretty good and are no fun in my opinion. Always frustrated me so I stoped fighting them manually.

    A friendly advice from a Rome 2 veteran, just auto resolve them.
  • Aventus_MaximusAventus_Maximus Registered Users Posts: 423
    It is a really painstaking effort demanding proces where you try to keep track of 40 ships and their enemies, plot different courses for different type of ships adjust to the other side of combat, ship combat what knows different values.
    All in all where Rome II most of the time, in the landbattle, asks to think at most 2 steps ahead, sea battles seem to demand at least 4 steps to ensure victory

    Slitherine offfers another way called "quo vadis" you might want to buy that game as well and take at least one night off to watch all kinds of YouTube documentaires on the subject. If would go for both total war rome II specifics, if they are available, and historical minded

    Autoresolve wise i found out that a full stack of light skirmishers has more chance of winning then your normal manual played sea affair!

    From mid tier to end tier game fleets are an excellent way for invading other sea born cities.

    ( I'm not prepared to discuss motorized landings fregates on any level )

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  • IncendioIncendio Registered Users Posts: 61
    I was curious about naval battles (not landings) in Rome 2 so I spent some days experiencing and playing custom battles. At least I was able to understand how to play in "ramming" and "boarding" modes, how to use artillery (which I find similar to Attila) and trying some of the battle formations. However, I can't play efficiently battles with more than 10 ships or even above 7 ships, too many things to do and control, how do you manage a fleet of above 10 ships? As I mentioned before, everything is so fast that my naval battles become a madness. Above 15 ships my battles are so embarrasing that in the course of the battle some of my ships are in idle doing nothing, but is because I don't have enough time to control every single ship, and after experiencing with groups, I realized that I don't know how to use groups in Total War games.

    If someone have the patience to explain me how to use groups and what can I do with groups and the purpose of them, I would really appreciate it.
  • EasternRoman5EasternRoman5 Registered Users Posts: 67
    You could try adjusting the speed of battle or just pausing it so that you can check all your units and give the correct orders. The AI gives multiple commands at the same time so it is not considered "cheating" if you pause and do the same. The buttons are on the bottom right under the map if I remember correctly.

    Concerning the grouping, I don't use it but I understand it helps when you want to organize your troops and quickly select a group of units pressing the corresponding number.

    Something else that may help you is check the differences of naval units and their role in battle, for example there are smaller faster ships that you can use to lure a heavier slower enemy ship while you target it with artillery or just let them engage (sacrificing the cheap ship) and at the same time ram it or board it with another appropriate ship.
    This means that you should consider the faction you are playing as. Greek/Roman/Punic factions are more oriented to naval warfare than barbarians for example and have more naval unit variety. Ardiaei (Illyrians) are a naval oriented faction too.

    I strongly believe that adjusting the speed/pausing may help you a lot in large battles though.
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