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CA, where are the Camera Settings for Multiplayer Campaigns? + Streamline MP Campaigns please.

AgemmonAgemmon Registered Users Posts: 87
edited December 2017 in Feedback & Suggestions
Why would you not allow us to set Camera Settings and animation speed in Multiplayer Campaigns? Multiplayer Campaigns have been shafted since Total War: Warhammer I's release and I cannot seem to understand why.

Is it an issue of desynchronization if two players are fiddling around with the settings on each of their clients? Well, make the changes universal: if one player changes a setting, apply it to the second player as well. If not, why can't you add a universal "Animation Speed" setting to the Multiplayer Campaign launch screen, giving us options for Normal, Fast and Fastest? Yes, we have the fast forward button for opponents' and non-playable factions, but there is nothing out there to speed up the players' turns. Furthermore, a universal camera and animation speed setting would allow players to constantly have their preferred camera and animation speeds without having to click on the fast forward button every turn.

It's almost as if you don't want us to play Multiplayer Campaigns. Each player has to make a confirmation when the other enters a battle or ends a battle. Why? If the attacking player wants to fight a battle, the other player should be forced to spectate. If the attacking player wants to auto-resolve, the battle should be immediately auto-resolved without the other player's input. There are far too many unnecessary things for both players to click on. If I want to go grab a snack, a drink or take my dog out while my friend / opponent / ally takes their turn, they cannot progress through their turn because they have to wait for me to confirm their own actions. Absolutely unnecessary.

The victory conditions for head-to-head and coop campaigns are terribly bland. You have stripped away the chapter events / goals from singleplayer as well. Why can't you give us a third sandbox-style game type that is essentially a copy and paste of the short victory conditions from the singleplayer campaign?

Please streamline Multiplayer Campaigns and give them some love.
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  • crystoughcrystough Registered Users Posts: 8
    Yes, please, please change this. Escpecially in Coop-Multiplayer it sucks, when you can´t set the cameras for allies, enemies & nutrals or/and skip uninteresting factions.

    It should be possible to implement this to Multiplayer ...

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