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Kislev hypothesis

MahDogMahDog Registered Users Posts: 12
Since game one, Kislev has unique voice lines in diplomacy and, if I remember correctly, it also has at least one unique building in its capital. Voice actor also mentions a "tzarina" when contacted in diplomacy.

Is there a chance that Kislev was under development (even small things) before game one release? Or it was meant to be a game one DLC? If not, why still make unique voice lines?
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  • CrossilCrossil Registered Users Posts: 5,987
    edited November 2019
    Technically Southern Realms have unique voicelines(same/similar voice actors as Empire) and Norsca had unique voicelines before their DLC as well(WoC had no voicelines as Archaon was the only one). So Kislev isn't unique.

    In fact, if Norsca is something to go by they make voicelines to differentiate different cultures rather than it being indicative of their intentions. After all, they only thought of Norsca at the end of game 1 and when they were released they removed the old voicelines.
  • yolordmcswagyolordmcswag Registered Users Posts: 1,747
    I think the voicelines and separate name pool was just a minimal effort made to acknowledge that Kislev is a separate nation to the empire. Th Tzarina is mentioned because she is the official ruler, just as high elves often mention the phoenix king and everqueen in diplomacy (even before she was added).

    I strongly doubt Kislev was planned to be in originally, they propably planned only for the armybook races from TT. Considering the game's success, there is a decent chance of Kislev arriving as a full race in game 3, especially considering the lack of races remaining for that game.
  • Grom_the_PaunchGrom_the_Paunch Registered Users Posts: 1,470
    "We may not be the Empire..."

    Southern Realms and Kislev have been treated subtly differently since the start. Once, I too believed this meant something for the future. Now it seems to simply be a little extra flavour and nothing more.

    If Kislev comes, I don't believe for a minute it was in any clear plan from the beginning. Those extras were added regardless.
  • ErathilErathil Registered Users Posts: 633
    Probably just some stuff they did to differentiate them from the Empire proper, since everything else about them is copy-pasted from the Empire.

    That said, I still think Kislev is a shoe-in for game three. No clue if it was the plan all along, but it looks like that's where its going.
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