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Quick Multiplayer Campaign

SafphenSafphen Registered Users Posts: 3
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..and by quick I mean a good hour or two. The only win condition would be to defeat the other player.

I feel like the current campaign would have to be altered some to get to the good stuff; increase levels/funds gained by players, more units accessible at the beginning, and decrease AI faction involvement unless reacting to a player's attack or diplomacy agreements. Other things like limiting unit types, army size, removing upkeep, and positioning may be important.

There are many ways a multiplayer focused campaign could be added. If players start within a smaller part of the map then turn times could be limited to only 4 or 5 factions - player's aren't trying to explore or take over the world, just get to each other as quickly as possible. One player could be at their original starting place while the other player starts at a nearby settlement to prepare their attack. Player's could travel to each other which may be fun or both could be moved to an area and have to own a certain settlement at particular turn number in order to win.

It would be difficult to balance this but I feel all the pieces are there. The current multiplayer battle cost system would make a great guideline for armies. Each player has a limited amount of funds they could invest in for their lords, heroes, units, diplomacy, and buildings. It would be kinda like multiplayer except you would be building multiple armies, paying for army upgrades, and then decide how you will attack and defend with that army using the campaign map.
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  • SafphenSafphen Registered Users Posts: 3
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    I don't want to keep changing the original post. Here is a brainstorming scenario on the subject for grins and giggles;

    Each player begins with 3 settlements within a province. They are within a 2 or 3 turn march from each other and start with a large hunk of money. All lords, heroes, and units cost the same as their base multiplayer cost. Players can then recruit up to 3 lords. Players would have more than enough gold to build 3 'large' armies. Units will not cost upkeep but players do not earn a lot of money during turns.

    Unit caps would be the same as multiplayer caps for all 3 armies. Players could chose to build buildings, research tech, unlock an additional lord, level up their lords and heroes, or pay an AI faction to send a small army as reinforcements. The price of these would have to be balanced to their effectiveness. There should also be a reason to build buildings - maybe players have access to all units but some are limited unless you build their building. Leveling up lords and heroes would be like adding mounts and spells in multiplayer - and with the army bonuses it could lead to some very interesting battles.

    Players then figure out the best way to conquer the other player's province. It would be like a moba-est type battle against another player... but with a lot more depth, goodies, hammers and anvils.

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