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problem with start_pos_

KambienKambien Registered Users Posts: 7
Hello. I have been learning modding for a little bit now and am now trying a more ambitious mod which adds a new starting faction to the game. I have used dave to edit many files to implement a new character, create the faction, set the colours, banners, starting items (several ceos files), political party, faction group, and start_pos files. I have so far edited start_pos_characters, start_pos_factions, start_pos_settlements, start_pos_settlment_to_characters, start_pos_victory_conditions, and start_pos_technologies. I ran the initial mod in bob for all the binary files for the Database and Ceos, then launched the game with the mod active. Then re-ran bob with the working_data for main_campaing to create the start_pos. Bob runs fine until it gets through the entire list then gives me this error:

"Startpos file not found after running the game!
Failed to restore original game startpos file! The original file is: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Total War THREE KINGDOMS/assembly_kit/binaries/../../data/campaigns/3k_main_campaign_map/startpos_backup_historical.esf"

That file directory does not exist in my binaries folder as there is only one folder in there and it has no sub folders. I have double and triple checked my start_pos files for errors and dependencies and am not finding any noticeable errors. Is it possible that this is not running because I am missing the necessary backup file. Or does this simply mean there is something missing somewhere in my tables. I have checked every variable in the nearly 40+ files that I have edited, and I am coming up empty handed for what could be wrong.


  • KambienKambien Registered Users Posts: 7
    to simplify my question is whether this error indicates that my tables are incomplete or that I am missing a backup file.

    I noticed in another mod that adds factions that the mod has scripts, text files, and maps for each faction. I was using a generic blank map for my faction. But did not have a script file or text file. Do i need to make these files for the start_pos to compile?
  • KambienKambien Registered Users Posts: 7
    I think I have tracked the problem down to a corrupted file. Somehow my start_pos_character file is not being registered by bob, nor can i export it to binary. When bob runs the start_pos it doesnt register that file. Anyone have any suggestions how I can restore this file without losing all of my other work?
  • KambienKambien Registered Users Posts: 7
    This issue has been resolved.
  • KambienKambien Registered Users Posts: 7
    Im having a related issue. I have determined that there is a problem between start_pos and custom ceos data. I created a new character for this mod to lead the faction and similar to my previous mods created new ceos data. However the start_pos_characters fails in BoB if I use any created ceos. Anyone have any suggestions why this might be happening?

    Also I have noticed that when i export my binaries the start_pos_characters fails to export .loc and .txt files for localization (not sure if this is related).
  • zoner16zoner16 Registered Users Posts: 9
    Kambien said:

    This issue has been resolved.

    Could you elaborate? I'm running into the same problem and don't know what the fix is.
  • KambienKambien Registered Users Posts: 7
    @zoner16 for me the problem ended up being an incompatibility between my start_pos and my ceos. I had to edit another 4 to 5 tables to get it to work. The error I talked about in the first post seems to be an all purpose error for if you have incomplete or erroneous data. I would go back and check through your dependency graphs for anything you might have missed.
  • xerxerxerxer Registered Users Posts: 3
    edited November 2019
    What is meaning '' being an incompatibility between my start_pos and my ceos''

    ceo's mean ''ceos tables''? like (ceo_groups, ceo_permissions)

    If possible can you give more information please?

    I gas same problem here

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