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Please include campaign introductions for every faction in warhammer 3

BrightestLightBrightestLight Registered Users Posts: 538
Title. as the last game in the series, it'd be awesome if there were a cool intro for every faction, including game 1 and 2 and DLC factions, with minor cutscenes and detailed tutorials.


  • WaaaghCheifWaaaghCheif Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,616
    Faction or Race?
  • VictuzVictuz Registered Users Posts: 192
    edited November 2019

    Faction or Race?

    For just the race intros it would only make sense as a lore standpoint for new people.

    For storytelling purposes it actually needs both, so new people get attached to the game or the universe, and this is what keeps a community alive and strong.

    I hope WH3 have a story mode with an actual storytelling, not just some random lore battles that make new players go totally "?????". I mean intros, sequences, character development, cutscenes and dialogues between characters, and last but not least, outcomes. Anything that enriches the universe, that make people get super excited and actually care about what is happening.

    Even if those things end up not being THAT DEEP and impactful, but it's still better than odd random cutscenes or nothing at all.
  • TancredQuenellesTancredQuenelles Registered Users Posts: 344
    It d be cool...
  • Frank9945671Frank9945671 Registered Users Posts: 175
    edited November 2019
    Maybe CA also will return game 1 quotes and make new one , because tutorial nonsense looks terrible?
  • AbmongAbmong Registered Users Posts: 1,643
    There's a good chance that will happen. I have a feeling WH3 will be quite different from what people are expecting. I think the roles of ME and the Story Campaign will be reversed for the finale.

    My prediction is based mainly on the amount of content that's still to be added, that could be added. Once WH3 is out WH2 will become like WH1, effectively a large DLC pack. If CA follows the current format and use the Darklands, Chaos Waste, Ogre Kingdoms as the "Story" map then it would be closing the door on factions like Middenland, Averland and other Empire LLs and their subfactions, same goes for LLs and subfactions of other factions. Not to mention Dogs of War and Kislev etc. Things would get pretty cramped if all those needs to be crammed into the expected lands of the Story Map with some strange starting locations... Like Marius Leitdorf in the Darklands? No, that's why I think WH3 DLCs and Campaign/Race Packs will be released straight to ME 2.0 I believe it's why CA are now working on ways to reduce turn times in ME, evident with this upcoming QoL update.

    WH3 will release with the Realm of Chaos and the "Great Game" as the Story Map/Campaign with full Monogods launch. Then followed by associated Lords Packs, Then the Ogre Kingdoms and Chaos Dwarfs Campaign/Race Packs will follow when CA reveals the ME grand successor. The Ogre or Chaos Dwarf may come before the Chaos centric Lords Pack, but it doesn't matter what comes first. Then we would start getting the DLCs for old WH1 and WH2 factions until there is nothing left to add and support for the series ends. There's not point in holding anything back byt that point unless CA are planning to do a WH4 expanding into the WH Far-East (as unlikely as that may seem).

    I'm sure the monogod haters will be saying how wrong I am etc etc just because they don't want a monogods launch...
    Total War: Warhammer IV - Cathay, Ind, Nippon, Khuresh (+ Lost Vampire Bloodlines, Hobgoblin Khanate, Elithis Sea Elves DLCs) :#
  • VictuzVictuz Registered Users Posts: 192
    Abmong said:

    There's not point in holding anything back byt that point unless CA are planning to do a WH4 expanding into the WH Far-East (as unlikely as that may seem).

    If WH3 explodes, I don't think CA won't negotiate permissions for WH4.

    This series turned into a gold mine for them very quickly.
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