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Lokhir Fellheart Update?



  • doclumbagodoclumbago Registered Users Posts: 1,742
    edited December 2019
    My guess:

    Lokhir will be moved after Game III.
    In lore, he is known to have raided the far east so he will be
    resettled to the sea that is to the right of the Last Defenders.

    And I hope for shipbuilding abilities for Lokhir
  • PLHenryPLHenry Registered Users Posts: 1,398
    It'll never happen, but I always wanted Lokhir to take part in the hunt for Amanar rather than the Vortex.
  • ArneSoArneSo Registered Users Posts: 13,265
    I also think the best chance we have is to wait until game 3 and a general overhaul of victory conditions. Most factions should get personalised victory conditions.
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