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Why play as Athens?

Meroitic7Meroitic7 Registered Users Posts: 16
Is there any purpose of playing as Athens in multiplayer? I doubt there is one in singleplayer either. At least Sparta has great hoplites (no swords) and Epirus has a really good roster all-round (terrible start). Athens is a toned-down version of Macedon with no benefit at all. They don't even have a unique naval unit. At least they have picked hoplites (if you have the Hannibal DLC). They need a unique naval unit. Come on CA!


  • Meroitic7Meroitic7 Registered Users Posts: 16
    I think they should have a unique land unit (heavy ranged unit- slightly lower than picked hoplites but with javelins)- maybe Marine Javelins. They could be on a unique naval unit which is an improved version of the Greek Skirmisher ships. This would improve Athens' roster without really impact the historical basis that Athens was on the decline.
  • Meroitic7Meroitic7 Registered Users Posts: 16
    Also, Sparta could use a unique Hoplite Swords Infantry. It could be a slightly above average sword infantry that turns into a slightly better Spartan Hoplite when you press the hoplite wall button. It would diversify their roster and also not really change the balance. It would obviously be more expensive of course.
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