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Three Kingdoms (highly recommended tips)

vinhsuccess1989vinhsuccess1989 Registered Users Posts: 12
Three Kingdoms (highly recommended tips)

1) Please allow a faction to come back if they have been previously destroyed. To be honest, I really don’t give a **** about the character system at all because the character will eventually die off. It is unfair that only the Yellow Turban rebellion can self-emerge after they had been previously destroyed.
Please allow a faction to emerge from their previous territory if satisfaction in that territory is quite low. I would like to see this in future Total War games.
Maybe Creative Assembly can make a mod for this? Oh man, if Creative Assembly make an official mod then that would be awesome!

2) Please let the Imperial Guard (Heavy Sword Infantry) from Sima Liang be accessible to the main campaign. I like this unit because they look so cool. The armor they wear covers most of their body. This armor also looks strong and sturdy. I like heavily armed infantry. Also, the shield they hold feels unique.

3) Please make more newer units. I know that Creative Assembly tries to stick to the historical accuracy, but by the end of the day, you would want to make the game attractive to many customers, don’t you? Money is money after all. Very few customers buy Total War games for its historical accuracy. They buy it for pure entertainment.

For instance:
• Make a newer unit based on the Mercenary Infantry (Medium Axe Infantry) with more armor from the shoulder to the leg. Make this new unit equipped with a sword and/or perhaps a unique looking shield.
• I tend to prefer heavy armored infantry.

4) My last suggestions would be to make more interesting DLC. The Eight Princes DLC is one of the most boring DLC from Total War ever! It just felt like the main game but with less content! You should pick an interesting period. For example, pick a period where the Jin dynasty is fighting for survival from the barbarian (Mongol empire). Even though in real history, the Mongol empire conquered the Jin dynasty.

Please choose any period that is different from the main game. Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions.


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