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doclumbagodoclumbago Registered Users Posts: 2,371
With two new LLs starting way off in the hinterlands I have to adress/request
two recurring problems in ME with confederation

1.Dead LLs

LLs get wiped off the map before you can even contact them,
sometimes even with no chance of resurrection by revolt.
These candidates are Von Carsteins, Skrollk, Lokhir Fellheart

Certain buildings/landmarks should give the ability to resurrect/confederate Lords.
Example: Occuping Karond Kar gives you Lokhir Fellheart - living or dead

2. Messed Up Skilltrees

Some LLs are hard to confederate. They are so powerful, you have to spend tons of bribes
and time to get them into the fold. And then you realize they are level 38 and the AI was very
creative with their skilltree...

See 1, you should be also be able to confederate someone you are at war with if you conquer their capital
But also-more important

let us reskill LLs after confederation. Please.


  • IamNotArobotIamNotArobot Registered Users Posts: 5,374
    Lets wait till they release the full Vortex/ME patch list. Maybe it has already been done.
    *Justice, cats and CONFEDERATION ENABLED for the Tomb Kings and Vampire Coast! feat mummies and Apophas.
    *Exclusive DLCs for Tomb Kings, Vampire Coast, BM, CW and WE! #DLCsAreRacesToo
    *Remaster all WH1 and WH2 faction icons for WH3!
    *Ogre Kingdoms core race or death!
    *Bring back settlement conquering artworks!
    *Gnoblar Carpet for Greesus
    *Improve UI

  • taalisman01taalisman01 Registered Users Posts: 231
    edited December 2019
    You can resurrect Von Carsteins, Skrolk, not 100% sure about Lokhir but think he can also be resurrected.

    Edited 199% to 100, because i can't type.
  • redknight83redknight83 Registered Users Posts: 482
    When I confederate a faction some times the skill tree left by the AI is a complete mess, so you should be able to reset the skill tree.

    I personally use that mod available but I believe it should be a available in game for a large sum cash or alternatively you lose 25% of your skill points by re-skilling to stop you using it again and again.
  • doclumbagodoclumbago Registered Users Posts: 2,371
    Goddammit nothing in the patch notes considering confederation mechanics

    So I guess as Snikch I just have to absorb Tretch & Skrollk ASAP
    (which means sending an agent up all the way to Naggaroth)
    if I want a campaign with all Legendaries
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