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Co-op partner cannot fight vortex ritual armies spawned by me

freebeerdfreebeerd Registered Users Posts: 1
In the Eye of the Vortex campaign, my co-op partner cannot fight ritual armies when I activate the ritual. Partner's armies are also not counted as reinforcements.


  • MasterandPuppetMasterandPuppet Registered Users Posts: 8
    No response to this in 4 months? It's hugely frustrating for co-op players. Are you looking at this CA?

    I currently have this issue in my co-op skaven vortex campaign. It really breaks the immersion and needs explaining and fixing please.

    OP, I take it you didn't find a fix?
  • Nuke556Nuke556 Registered Users Posts: 33
    It's always been like that as far as I know.
  • DystopianHyenaDystopianHyena Registered Users Posts: 1
    They need to fix the Vortex Co-Op issues. It’s a big turn off from the game. No ritual resource pooling. Gifted units bugging out, and moving when the other person tries to use their own units, and the inability to help with chaos spawned armies and ritual battles themselves gives co-op some nasty rep.

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