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Victory Condition Threat Fix/Improvement.

MarkerMarker Registered Users Posts: 1,111
edited December 2019 in General Discussion
Please Fix:

Court of Lybaras - Khalida

Ensure that 5 of the following building(s) have been constructed:
Pyramid of King Alcadizaar, Pyramid of King Amenemhetum, Pyramid of King Khatep, Pyramid of King Khar, Great Pyramid of Settra, Pyramid of Prince Tutankhanut, ( with the exception of Vault of Nagash )
Control any 8 of the following settlements either by direct ownership or through vassals and military allies:
Lybaras, Lahmia, Khemri, Numas, Black Tower of Arkhan, Zandri, Ka-Sabar, Wizard Caliph's Palace, Al-Haikk, Galbaraz

This does not work.

The Factions specialty is +Relations with Tombkings, indicating that one of your advantages is that u can have good relations with the other Tombking factions and have Military Alliances, since u can not confederate them.

If u have good relations with the Tombkings and you are making use of your trait it only works against u later on, cause u then have to destroy your Allies in order to build some Pyramids at their Capitals, thus making the faction trait entirely useless and the victory condition take much longer.

Khalida is one of the characters that hates the Vampires the most but barely has any goals in fighting them and her Campaign should be focused on Owning all the tombking factions by direct ownership or alliance and destroying all the vampire factions in the campaign and leaving out the building of Pyramids.

Do u have any Victory Conditions of a faction that u dislike, feel like it does not make sense or have good ideas for?


  • ArneSoArneSo Registered Users Posts: 4,335
    edited December 2019
    I agree some characters should get unique victory conditions.
    - Arkhan
    - Lokhir
    - Alith Anar

    Just to name a few examples.

    He basically has the same victory conditions like Settra what is just stupid in my opinion. His campaign should rather focus about creating a realm of Nagash instead of restoring the the old power of Nehekara.

    His campaign goal should be similar to the Vampire Coast.

    - Raid X Coastal settlements
    - Have X slaves
    - Get X amount of gold with raiding
    - Own X costal settlements
    - Own X Black Arks
    - Destroy all Vampire Coast factions
    - Destroy all Pirate rough Armies
    - Control Karond Kar
    - Have X Corsair units

    He should also be part of the pirate infamy race.
    He’s the biggest missed opportunity for an interesting and unique DE experience.

  • MarkerMarker Registered Users Posts: 1,111
  • ArneSoArneSo Registered Users Posts: 4,335
    I’m pretty confident that all victory conditions will get an overhaul in game 3.

    The current “destroy everyone” victory conditions are just stupid and just to much. Nobody wants to destroy all major factions on the map.... it’s simply to much and also quite boring.

    So yeah we probably have to wait for game 3...
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