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Defeat Skaven

LuckylucaslLuckylucasl Registered Users Posts: 27
edited December 2019 in General Discussion
With the release of the new dlc me and my friend are going to play another h2h campaign. He is going to play skaven and i am going to play DE. I need some advise because I have lost the last 2 campaigns and i really need to beat him this time :smile:.
He builds those nasty ranged armies with 3 ratling gunners, 2 jezzails and 2 warp lightning cannons the rest frontline and sometimes a monster or doom-flayers/wheel. The problem is that I can't even get close to him without having half my army getting shred to pieces and he buffs his units so they don't easily rout.
So i have a couple of questions for you. Which magic caster is good against skaven? What units should i use? Should i try to buff the range of shades to kill his ratling gunners and jezzails? Any battle/campaign tips you guys have!


  • ArneSoArneSo Hamburg, Germany Registered Users Posts: 24,678
    1. select Nakai
    2. Click attack
    3. See how happy he is
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  • ardeathwingardeathwing Registered Users Posts: 123
    edited December 2019
    If you are gonna play Snikch vs Malus, you are gonna have a bad time with the DE as I personally think Malus is at a huge disadvantage.
    Anyways, what beats ranged stacks is either a lot of magic (they die easily) or fast spread out armies (get a few dragons I guess and harass his backline). His frontline will be weak so just disable his heavy hitters and you will be fine.

    Also make sure you make full use of the new Black Arcs, they seem to be quite OP for what they offer.
  • SetrusSetrus Senior Member SwedenRegistered Users Posts: 18,762
    Death magic might be nice with all the ld rebuffs.
    Oh and I think the bolt thrower is pretty good at taking our Skaven artillery pieces.

    I guess shades could nuke one unit of their gunners at a time?
    Use a hydra or two as a distraction carnifex and maybe try some chariots to cut through the chaff and get into the cookie jar?
    I admit, I'm not the best qualified to give advice... :blush:
    Don't worry.
  • TimpeyoTimpeyo Registered Users Posts: 1,882
    Not too sure, if it is Malus I guess you could try cold ones spread out and rushing for ranged and a few dragons too give your units the time too reach them
  • EterlikEterlik Registered Users Posts: 337
    I'm no pro at pvp fights, but this would be my ideas to approach such an army composition.
    I would suggest to use some cheap flying units (DE had harpies i think?). With them you can occupy his ranged units while your army marches towards him. Then you could get some cavalry and/or units with vanguard deployment.
    been some while since i last played with DE so I'm not sure what vanguard options you actually have as them.

    So the idea behind this is, he needs to dispatch some of its frontline(which as skaven isn't the best anyways) to help his ranged units else they get killed by your cheap flying units (his backline has bad melee stats). So while he tries to save his backline you can try to break through his weaked frontline. That of course only works if you are fast enough to get your main army to him before your flying units are killed.

  • RheingoldRheingold Registered Users Posts: 1,035
    Just be grateful he doesn't use death globadiers. They really do melt just about anything.
  • LevicariumLevicarium Registered Users Posts: 689
    The best part of DE is their economy. So here is my plan:

    1. Find a good tutorial on the slaves mechanics.
    2. Boost a province to 50k gold per turn. Can get to around 100k with min/maxing.
    3. Drown the Skaven in infinite stacks (oh the irony).
    4. Win.
  • LuckylucaslLuckylucasl Registered Users Posts: 27
    I have tested harpies but they just melt i literaly 3 seconds. Dragon didn't survive long either, manticore did ok. Doomfire Warlocks did suprisingly well they could cast a spell from outside the range and they could get in combat and take the ratling gunners out :smiley:
  • TimpeyoTimpeyo Registered Users Posts: 1,882
    edited December 2019
    Also my understanding Snikchs clan mechanic is it may be alot more expensive to field those none eshin units your friend wants so it may be harder for him to recruit many of them. Terror and Fear is also your freind
  • AngloSovereignAngloSovereign Registered Users Posts: 169
    Black Ark Corsairs are an amazing early game counter to Skaven, what with their high melee attack and high armour. If you’re both playing as one of the DLCs new lords, I would suggest an ultra aggressive campaign play style. Sure, the Druchii get their share of nasty public order issues, but the Skaven have it worse. Use that to your advantage by rapidly expanding your faction, then stopping near their border. From there, use an army to draw Snikch away (easy considering early game Skaven economy can rarely afford more than one mid to low tier army) Then sack some minor settlements. That should hurt them pretty bad and probably cause a rebellion or two. Take out their army/armies after they’ve been weakened by the rebellion or are at the very least away from another settlement. From there, occupy as much as you want.

    In terms of battle advice you’re going to want lots of corsairs for your frontline and shades as damage dealers. Shades are basically armour piercing ranged units with stalk, and you can use them to sneak around your friend’s front and take out their weapon teams. Never forget the power of a couple armour piercing crossbows in the rig he place! Spell caster wise, lore of shadows is amazing for slowing enemy cav (or more specifically doomflayers) and can be used to drop the skaven’s already low average melee stats. Furthermore, the Penumbral pendulum can wipe out lines up infantry incredibly quickly, and is an auto pick in most of my DE builds.
  • RikRiorikRikRiorik Registered Users Posts: 10,795
    edited December 2019
    Generally speaking I'd go for a few really fast moving units. Dark Riders and Doomfire Warlocks much more than Cold One Knights who are just going to get bogged down because of their low speed and the slows of Gutter Runners. Have a Lord in their air to avoid being taken out by Snikch.

    And then like said above concentrate on getting a good economy going through slaves.
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  • davedave1124davedave1124 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 16,103
  • LevicariumLevicarium Registered Users Posts: 689

    Yep, that's a good one :)

    Off topic here: but legend did a reaction video on this and showed a HE economy cheese. 1.8 mil a turn or something.
  • andrewbh2003andrewbh2003 Registered Users Posts: 180
    like go super wide

    screw elite units DE frontline will always beat skaven unless skaven over-invest especially with eshin mechanics

    go super wide with loads of shielded chaff and dreadspears are REALLY cost-effective vs rat ogres and hellpits

    cold one knights are cheap and cost effective "for malus" and do the job of providing mass and hunting flayers and wheels

    simply put the answer to any ranged heavy army is numbers

    bring loads of cheap shielded infantry "bleakswords eat low tier skaven infantry and are good for holding back the more expensive ones" and in addition have shields and are dirt cheap

    like who cares if bleakswords get blasted by rattlings? there just bleakswords DIRT cheap that cost next to nothing

    beat the skaven at there own game and outnumber them and dont give em a good target

    those ranged units will get ZERO value out of just blasting cheap units

    harpies are great at distraction and harass and anything that causes terror will be great against skaven in general

    simply put dont provide a good target in the end the skaven just wont have the numbers to deal with that many units at once and something is gonna be able to get in to the guns and once they do its GG

    then again this should be pretty obvious i would think?
  • NyxilisNyxilis Registered Users Posts: 5,408
    As people mentioned you can bury the skaven economy, you can win there by a mile before you ever have to start worrying what's in your roster.
  • Gerra3295Gerra3295 Registered Users Posts: 58
    edited December 2019

    The best part of DE is their economy. So here is my plan:

    1. Find a good tutorial on the slaves mechanics.
    2. Boost a province to 50k gold per turn. Can get to around 100k with min/maxing.
    3. Drown the Skaven in infinite stacks (oh the irony).
    4. Win.

    Do what the guy above said. The best recommendation possible.

    This is the only way you can win actually. Assuming he perfectly min/maxing meaning that he have huge advantage one stack vs your one stack. But it all crumbles real quick the moment you add two and more stacks. Don't bother with expensive units. All you need is chaf and shards to win. Literally. But boosting your economy comes first. So he wins if he rushes you and kills you like off in first 30-50 turns. After that you are unbeatable.
  • GeneralConfusionGeneralConfusion Registered Users Posts: 1,038
    Worth noting: BAC aren't gonna work against Eshin, because Eshin gets AP missiles on their Night Runners and Gutter Runners. So those armored but shieldless infantry will get kited to oblivion and chewed up. Use Bleakswords to absorb the shots.

    Also, if he plays Eshin he's gonna have the Schemes to use to mess with you - which can involve doing damage to your settlements, stealing money, all kinds of stuff - and the Lore of Stealth. Probably fewer artillery and weapons teams though, because those cost extra for Eshin to recruit. Worth keeping in mind though.
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