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Rome 2 campaign

LukesteelLukesteel Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi I’m new to the game I was just wondering on campaign do you have the same mercenary units for every faction or is there different ones depending on who your are?

Also if someone can tell me some more information about mercenary units it will help a lot.


  • EasternRoman5EasternRoman5 Registered Users Posts: 71
    Hello, welcome to the game!

    Different mercenaries are available in each province. For example in Hellas there are Greek hoplites among others, but in Thracia there aren't Greek hoplites, there are thracian type mercenaries. There provincial mercenaries are included in a common "mercenary pool" from which all factions can recruit from. If a faction recruits all of them for example you need to wait until they are replenished before recruiting some yourself.

    Most factions have some unique mercenaries available to them that cannot be recruited by other factions, called factional mercenaries. To recruit them, you need to hold at least one region in the province your army is in, or just be stationed in any region you own. There mercs are not something special, they are usually units available to you already from military buildings, but they are useful in situations when provincial mercenaries are recruited by other factions and not replenished yet, so you cannot get any mercs from the common mercenary pool.

    The good thing about Mercenaries is that you can instantly recruit them instead of waiting one turn to train a unit and that you can recruit them when in enemy territory. They are going to save you when in emergency situations like when an enemy is near and you don't have enough troops to defend or when you must attack an enemy army this turn and your troops are not enough. The downside is that they are expensive to recruit and maintain, so it is not advisable to keep mercs in you armies for more than needed. However if your economy is strong enough, there is no problem in keeping mercenaries as long as you need them.

    Feel free to ask anything else you want to know about mercenaries.

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