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Crashes at the end of loadings

Elek25Elek25 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 2
edited December 2019 in Crashes
Dear members of total war staff. I beg your help for some crashes problems.

v1.3.0 Build 11419.1772825(modded)

Description: I didn't play to TW TK since summer (all worked perfectly at this period) and when I tried to play again this week, I encountered some crash problems at the end of loadings. Sometimes I'm able to load a campaign and some times the game crash when the loading indicator become full. In the rare cases where I am able to lauch a campaign, the game crash in the same way when I try to start a battle (at the end of the loading again). At each crashing, the game is close and I find myself onto the desktop without notification. I have the same problem with TW W2 that I bought recently, but I never been able to launch a campaign (same crash at the end of loading).

Solutions attempted: I do not have any mods installed, the integrity of the games seems to be ok, my graphic drivers are up to date, I checked that there is not any virus into my computer and that it is my gaming graphic card which manage the game.

Sorry if there is some English mistakes (I'm not a native) and thank you for your help !


  • Elek25Elek25 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2

    Since I wrote this post, I noticed that there was also some other applications that crashed without explanations (steam for exemple). I think that the last windows update I did was involved (maybe a writting error or something). I reinitialized my computer and all my problems are now solved. Sorry for this useless post.

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