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Any 2020 Greenskin updates?



  • Vanilla_GorillaVanilla_Gorilla Registered Users Posts: 24,649
    I've never seen "cheap" as being relevant. How much something cost to make has no affect on how much I do or do not enjoy it. Especially since we simply don't know how much any of this cost. It's baseless speculation about something irrelevant.

    What I care about is how good something is.
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  • ArsenicArsenic Registered Users Posts: 6,190
    It's not my preferred DLC, but I'll not be crying if it's High Elves vs Greenskins next as a DLC.

    But if the Greenskins are the faction that get the love (one side always seems to) in it, I am going to be a bit miffed. I do think the focus ought to be mostly on the TWW2 races for TWW2 DLC.

    Anyway, we only know it's some time in 2020. Not even sure if it's with the next DLC, or what the next DLC is. CA have been a bit more forthcoming with the info recently, so I don't think we'll have to wait a stupid amount of time before we find out.
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  • epic_159734188596UVsdwmxepic_159734188596UVsdwmx Registered Users Posts: 429
    I would like a dlc every 2-3 months. But 4-5 is also ok, so far the dlc they gave us were pretty well done. I don't mind the extra wait time for quality content. Don't know what everyone else thinks but for me 2019 was a great year for TWW2. Anyway a long time of no content is coming soon so what does it even matter if it's march, april or may.
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 21,264
    Thread completely off topic, and weighed down with a lot of personal invective.

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