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Limited roster units

OldstorytellerOldstoryteller Registered Users Posts: 8
Hey, Merry Christmas & happy holidays everyone! I was asking myself if it would be there some possibility to receive a patch for MTW2 Kingdoms, which increase the limit of roster units, actually fixed in 500 units.

I mean, it's a 14 year old game, maybe in 10/11/2006, when the game it was launched, it wasn't prepared for more units, but now, maybe could be, not? I'm not asking for unlimited roster, bc that maybe could break the game, although i don't know about programming files, could be increased the limited roster units between 200-500 units more at least? I've been playing MTW2 since it was launched, so, i played countless hours already more than other games from Total War Saga, i even could say that i grew up playing this game. I would understand that probably the team is focused in other new projects than others, but i was wanted to ask it anyways.

PS: I don't know if some CCAA's staff will read & answer this or anybody who understands about that. In any case, thanks in advance. ;)


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