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Shutdown after "End Turn" button. [I'm new, sorry]

MarizMariz Registered Users Posts: 3
Hello there,

v1.8.1 Build

If its missing any file, just ask and i will deliver. Sorry for the trouble

Detailed description: I bought the game recently, started playing the campaign "Queek Headtaker" and after a few battles my computer shutdown without warning when i press the "End Turn" button.

I sent my computer to tech support because i suspected it could be the temperature and heat. After cleaning and stuff, it really got a better perfomance... Anyway i tried again started another campaign as Malekith and after several turns that I played, suddenly the Shutdown thingy again... Same stuff pressed the "End Turn" button and dead

It ONLY OCCURS IN CAMPAIGN, does that mean my computer can't hold the Campaing mode?

Since i'm playing alot of battle, already got 24hours of play time in this game, guilty addicted lol. Not sure what to do

Anyway, I hope you guys can help me. Thanks for the attention

Sorry for my english =P


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