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Hosting Multiplayer Campaign and Suggestions

Daemon_TrooperDaemon_Trooper Registered Users Posts: 9
Hi, sorry for coming that late in here.
I've already contacted SEGA support from Activision's contact link about this and they told me to come here, so here I am, one month later, but anyway ^^

Here is the message I sent to them :


It's been a while I played Total War game series, and I deeply like the gameplay, the storyline, and all the graphic details of the game itself.

I'm contacting you because of two issues, a friend of mine and myself have experienced with the online campaign, and would like to submit suggestions about.

1- If one of us may encounter a connection problem, the campaign will automatically stop ("host lost"), instead of (like in most RTS games) waiting 1 to 3 minutes for the concerned player's connection to be fixed (Starcraft even have a default wait delay of 4 minutes, and a kick option if it's too long for the other players).
Why isn't that option available on the online campaign ? Should it be possible in the coming updates to have it ?

2- We also are a bunch of friend loving Warhammer universe, and we've been really disappointed to only be able to host an online campaign for two players, and not more. Why isn't that possible too ?
As servers are not hosted by your own, but by the players themselves, why not proposing online campaigns for 8 players ? And even more if possible ?
If you think it could be hazardous for average connections, maybe you could display a warning for users trying to have more than 2 or 3 players and telling them it could not work properly ? Or even propose it as a free-DLC (to unlock more than 2 slots) to be sure that they understood it could not run smoothly or even have some connections troubleshooting ?
I'm actually living in south of France, in a small village, and we have sometimes problems with our connection (all the people of my residence), but it's never more than 45 seconds to one minute, so having to leave the campaign for such a thing can become annoying sometimes, moreover when it's repeating every 2 hours.
On the contrary, my friend is connected to an "optical fiber" network, and could host a game with more players without any problems.
I think it would be a great way to have more people playing online on this game too, as we were about to do with two of our friends, inciting them to buy the game to join us; what was finally not possible as it can only be a 1v1 or a 2vAI.

I hope you understood our "problems", if we can consider those as "problems".
I would like to understand your positions now.

Best regards.


Thank you for your understanding !


  • MrFestisMrFestis Registered Users Posts: 52
    edited February 2018
    To get the first things out of the way to begin with: As SEGA says, this has to do with the game itself (the content) and so any questions/suggestions about it should be directed towards the game developer Creative Assembly (as you know are), but this kind of an "issue" belongs in the "Feedback and Suggestions" section. So before any discussion gets started, make sure to move the topic over there.
  • Daemon_TrooperDaemon_Trooper Registered Users Posts: 9
    edited February 2018
    ok I'll copy it in the feedback and suggestions, but about Activision, when I got to the contact section of their websites, I finally arrived on SEGA's contact form :neutral:

  • Daemon_TrooperDaemon_Trooper Registered Users Posts: 9
    edited January 2020
    It would be good also, if this site let me Edit the thread so I could copy my edit, and uypdate correctly... Instead of deleting everything I've done... Now I just have this wrong one, on the wrong category...

    "Discussion succefully edited"
    "Waiting for approval"
    "Not found"

    Thx, thx a lot. Feel considered. ... I'll procrastinate again then.

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