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1.4.0 Liu Bei Mandate of Heaven campaing second looter mission bug

LuzYfeLuzYfe Registered Users Posts: 1
So been dealing with what i thought was RNG missions, but sometimes as i started as liu bei , i failed to get the second looter mission, i got the 1000 gold from entering Pingyuan as mission states, but the second looter gang never appeared and i tried this over and over, uninstalled all mods, and same thing kept happening, which made me think that it was rng, but today as i started another liu bei campaing i found out that if you walk into Pingyuan with a random character in this case Shen Shi which i captured and recruited since he had 25 % campaing movement, i made him Commander, and went into Pingyuan with him commanding and the second looters wouldnt appear. So I loaded back to auto save, and made Liu Bei command and the looters gang appeared.

Let me know if u need the save file in order to try.


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