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Multiplayercampaign Bug - Rome 2

SirMatthew01SirMatthew01 Registered Users Posts: 1
God evening fellow Legionaries,

I tried to play a multiplayercampaign (head to head) with afriend of mine and it showed itself unplayable. Everytime we fought a battle, right after the desync popped up and threw us out. Only was avoidable by autoresolving... Any way to fix this? WIthout the battles its only half the fun.
No mods imstalled btw.

Thx in advance for your time and help



  • menandrosmenandros Registered Users Posts: 30
    Please someone answer to SirMatthew01 . I wish i could help but i know nothing about computers and internet conections. Someone who knows about computers , please help the SirMatthew01 .
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