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Understanding Multiplayer

MrLippoMrLippo Registered Users Posts: 1

So that I and whoever may be finding a similar answer to this has a full understanding... I have a few points I would like answering.

1) is multiplayer campaign only available with people whom you invite/join or do you jump into a campaign and come across other players worldwide on the ‘server’?

2) is multiplayer stable and high in capacity?

3) how long is the multiplayer campaign?

4) is it one player per faction or can you have a friend in the same faction also making decisions/turns?

I use to play Rome 1 a hell of a lot and would love to get back into it all now with Rome 2, but of course with today’s society, online is all that makes a game fun. Never the less I will be playing single player as for me that is still highly entertaining with all the things to be done on this game.

Thank you in advance from any responders.
Merry Christmas!


  • menandrosmenandros Registered Users Posts: 30
    edited February 2020
    I can tell you mate. FIRST, i must tell you that the best way to play multiplayer campaign is with a friend of yours. SECOND, multiplayer campaign is stable now. Before it was not but now it is much better. THIRD, the capacity is REALY BAD. The capacity is ONLY 2 players. You play against or as allys. Every player have one faction. Thats the only way. The multiplayer campaign is as long as you want. You have to speak with your friend and make the rules. I will wright you later the MCR (Multiplayer Campaign Rules). As i said before you can not have a friend in the same faction. You can play with random players multiplayer campaign but i do not recomend it.
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  • menandrosmenandros Registered Users Posts: 30
    edited February 2020
    When you find someone to play multiplayer campaign , i strongly recoment to use those multiplayer campaign rules https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/258270/multiplayer-campaign-rules-mcr#latest If you dont use those rules the game will be really really bad for you and for your friend. Right now i have three games runing with three friends of mine , so i have no time. I hope you will find someone to play from Total war forum.
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