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Total War 3K Diao Chan & Lady Mi

EacksonEackson Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi Guys
I have questions in regards to the ladies Diao Chan and Lady Mi

I tried to have Diao Chan join my faction while doesn't play as Dong Zhuo. No luck whatsoever. So I tried using mod (We mod) It gives me 500K gold at the start, so I spam upgrade buildings to rank up prestige to be able to employ spies in early game. 3 out 10 times I was successful that my spy employed by Dong Zhuo before Diao Chan/ Wang Yun event triggers. But when the event triggers Diao Chan not showing within the Dong Character pool/list. I wonder if there is any way to capture her when you not play as Dong Zhuo.

In Mandate of Haven Lady Mi stay in Tao Qian's faction, Tao Qian doesn't marry with anyone at the start. When play as Liu Bei, Lady Mi join in the Character pool in early game (around turn 3), and Tao Qian automatically married to her. Just for story purpose not wanting The Good 60 something old man Tao Qian took Lady Mi from Liu Be


  • JerroserJerroser Registered Users Posts: 322
    To my knowledge, Diao Chan will never actually appear as a character in Dong Zhuo's faction unless you're playing as him. If you're playing as anyone else she will only be mentioned in the events as it was before she was made unique.
  • IelloIello Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 428
    There’s a mod that just makes Diaochan show up in your court in 193, if you want a quick and easy way. Especially if Diaochan never actually gets generated if you’re not playing Dong Zhuo.
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