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Warlock Master's Bugged

SubjectEighteenSubjectEighteen Registered Users Posts: 522
edited September 2019 in General Discussion
He sucks in melee. Just started his Vortex Campaign and he LOST 1v1 to a Skaven Warplock Master. What?


Warlock Master's seem to have some sort of attack animation bug. They consistently beat Gor-Rok in 1v1 fights (Vortex Campaign) but Gor-Rok thrashes Skaven Warlord's which are better in melee.

*Second EDIT*

Warlock Masters are definitely bugged. I just had a Warlock Master two shot Tehenhauin in melee at the start of his campaign. Something is wrong with their melee stats or hitboxes.
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  • Michael4537Michael4537 Registered Users Posts: 2,344
    You know, the funny thing is that the same thing happened to me this morning. Gor-Rok got thrashed without getting a hit in and I had to bring in my Saurus Warriors to bail him out. (They proceded to curb stomp the flithy Skaven.)

    Which is really strange because some buddies and I have been testing Gor-Rok and he is an absolute monster and beats most if not all the other footlords. Him being beat by a Warplock Master just doesn't make sense and is inconsistent with all my testing and their respective stats. The Warplock Master should get theottled, yet that's not the case.

    Anyway, pretty sure it's a bug of some sort. Best to try and reproduce it and send it to CA.
  • CrossilCrossil Registered Users Posts: 7,089
    Looking at the only posts wouldn't logic dictate Warplock Master is bugged?
  • SubjectEighteenSubjectEighteen Registered Users Posts: 522
    edited September 2019
    Crossil said:

    Looking at the only posts wouldn't logic dictate Warplock Master is bugged?

    I suppose it could be? I'll have to test him on some other campaign battles. He has been thrashed by two Warlock Masters now in my campaign.
  • KlausTheKatKlausTheKat Registered Users Posts: 474
    edited September 2019
    Think you may be onto something with Warlocks.

    I threw my full health Hired Mercenary force Warrior Priest (Sure, level one, no equipment etc etc) against a half health, exhausted, level one warlock master who was already stuck fighting in the middle of a unit of my spears and the Warlock made utter mincemeat of him in moments.

    As i said, the WP was unequipped level one hero (and WP are not exactly the most fighty heroes in the game) so I wasnt expecting much but the damn sigmarite baldy did virtually nothing other than lose health.
  • overtaker40overtaker40 Registered Users Posts: 65
    Can confirm warlock master thumping gor-rok still. Glad I'm not the only one. Was super confused. Hopefully will be fixed soon.
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