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Delegate Battle Bugged in Multiplayer

BigsteerBigsteer Registered Users Posts: 3
Me and a friend are playing the yellow Turbans online. While everything works for us, the computer cannot attack successfully. When the delegate option appears from a CPU attack, the second player never gets the choose screen and instead the attacking army is just placed into a siege of the city. This pattern repeats every turn there after and basically doesn't allow the computer to take over any settlements or farms ect until the end of the hold out.


  • MessuriMessuri Registered Users Posts: 2
    Same Problem here... unbelievable.. that this is so released.
  • CamilitusCamilitus Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 45
    same issue here.
  • KisielosKisielos Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 10
    Same problem,

    We've tried to play manualy battle, to attack and lose etc. Only thing we manage to do is to force AI to pillage city, they can't take it. It doesn't matter which faction is attacking, and it's only AI, players can take settlment as usual.
  • KruegercondailKruegercondail Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 23
    same problem here absolutely ridiculous how buggy this DLC is.
  • PhillyPhan321@gmail.com[email protected] Registered Users Posts: 72
    Me and my friend have had this same issue also. If the person being attacked selects fight or delegate the battle never happens. The AI will just stay there until they starve the city/town out. Then it seems once they actually take the city/town they get stuck there as well. In 3 city/towns full stack armies are just stuck there and won't move even though the my friend who is playing as the yellow turbans territory is undefended. So annoying.
  • BigsteerBigsteer Registered Users Posts: 3
    What is the point of these forums, a game breaking bug that doesn't even get a response. This is pretty disappointing and a waste of my time. I can buy and play other games, but isn't that someone's job here that I don't lol.
  • CamilitusCamilitus Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 45
    bought the DLC hoping it would help the deserted map syndrome of vanilla 3k, always play multi (have all the tws and 90% of dlc), so having not played 3k in 6 months bit of a disappointment to find the AI is ******. gonna play something from paradox. o/
  • chenjie4255chenjie4255 Registered Users Posts: 5
    it makes me feel angry, what a ridiculous bug!
  • BeansBeans Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 22
    I don't even think I've seen CA acknowledge that they are continuing to work on this. Only at the bottom of the patch notes do they include a throw away line that this bug still exists. That really seems like more of an admission of defeat than to say they are going to solve it.

    I'd love for this to be patched soon, if they wait until the next big patch with DLC or something I'll be tremendously disappointed.
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