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Сoop ai bug (1.4.0 MoH)

Tiloran#9200Tiloran#9200 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 13
I play with my friend coop campaign, when ai attack our city we push autoresolve or fight then ai dont attack city, just keeps siege on. Next turn he attack city again and it goes the same.( NO MODS)


  • Ra2kenRa2ken Registered Users Posts: 4
    Same issue here, I played with a friend as Zhang Jue and the AI kept laying siege to our settlements, but when we clicked on auto-resolve, or even when we lost a battle against it, it never captured the city. Playing on normal difficulty.
  • chenjie4255chenjie4255 Registered Users Posts: 5
    just can't believe it~
    I paid for every DLC as soon as they came out, now I got time to play with my friend but it really disappoints me, no fun anymore!
  • BeansBeans Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 22
    pretty lame consider how bug free the original 3k release was, then we got 8P which everyone was like 'ehh oh'. Then MoH comes along and everyone is very excited, devs and players alike expecting this DLC to return to the quality and polish of the original game release. instead we got tons of bugged events, duplicate heroes, and of course totally crippling AI bugs where it can't even siege lol cmon now
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