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Multiplayer Campaign: AI Can't Capture Our Counties

verzioneverzione Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 3
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Me and my brother started our first multiplayer campaign (MoH) shortly after the release. We realized something was off. Whenever we got pop-ups in the end-turn segment, none of us could "acknowledge" them anymore, as it just simply showed the pop-up for a split second then vanished. It was survivable, but then it started happening during sieges by the AI.

It usually requires both players to choose an option, but only the player defending had to choose this time. So right after clicking delegate, it just skips the "cutscene" and goes back to the AI still sieging you and the end-turn segment continues. It's like we're cheating with invincible cities. We tried starting a new game three times now but to no prevail.


  • verzioneverzione Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3
    I realise now that this is the wrong forum. Could someone move it?
  • LuckylucaslLuckylucasl Registered Users Posts: 29
    We also have this issue
  • Jopie_theyellowJopie_theyellow Registered Users Posts: 2
    Having the same issue here also in multiplayer
  • NerexaNerexa Registered Users Posts: 1
    We also have the issue, that the coop partner can't agree to the choice of battle resolution, if an AI-faction attacks a player settlement, so it just 'skips' the whole fight.
    We did some testing and found out, that its not dependent on ... a lot of stuff, but strangely it *is* dependent on whether a lord is in the defending settlement. If there is a defending retinue, it works.
  • MaeglinMaeglin Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 10
    We experience the same bug. Either no battle happens (a quick siege message appears but nothing happens) or a battle happens and the AI still keeps besieging the settlement. It made our multiplayer campaign unplayable as right now the AI is busy for many hours besieging "easy to take "settlements.

    We play on very hard and have it occur with one of us playing Dong Zhou and another Liu Bei.
  • chenjie4255chenjie4255 Registered Users Posts: 5
    same bug here
  • Gensai KawagamiGensai Kawagami Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 18
    Same bug here. Very important bug, makes multiplayer unplayable, needs fixing asap!
  • BeansBeans Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 22
    Apparently this is still occurring even after the hotfix. CA please fix this, it makes multiplayer campaigns totally impossible to play.
  • mrhoxaximrhoxaxi Registered Users Posts: 2
    Have the same issue, please fix it immediately, i know this bug is easy to fix for developer, but this is a big bug
  • EastgaardEastgaard Registered Users Posts: 1
    Still experiencing this issue. Something of note when me and the missus play is that the AI -can- attack the settlements if there is a character inside it, or on the defending side. They just can't engage "empty" towns (or garrison-only ones).

    Please look into this.
  • cguido21cguido21 Registered Users Posts: 1
    4 Weeks and still nothing. At this point the only solutions would be for a mod which adds a very weak general to a garrison, something as if every single garrison had an administrator. This way the ai could engage every garrison and a level 1 strategist/commander wouldn't make much of a difference in outcome anyway.
  • MaeglinMaeglin Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 10
    I am absolutly astonished this takes so much time to fix. It is truly game breaking and requires a quick hotfix and immediate attention. Not as part of a new big patch that tweaks units or changes stats.
  • SinogoproSinogopro Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hi cguido21. Same issue here. Can you share the name of the mod which adds a very weak general to a garrison? I can't find it in the community. Thank in advance.
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