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Fredmaster97Fredmaster97 Registered Users Posts: 2
Hi there!
I have recently started a campaign at highest difficulty at Rome 2 Total war. It went pretty good, until suddenly half of my empire started a Civil war/sezession. I fought the betrayers and got my cities back, but not without huge losses, 2/3 of my armies wiped out, considering that approximately half of my army betrayed me. I started expanding again, but a few rounds later there was the next Secession. And that vicious circle repeated again and again until I lost the campaign. Honestly, I am pretty good usually and there was actually no chance of winning the campaign, half of your army and cities changing sides every 15 rounds or so.

Do you have any ideas? Maybe a DLC or some Political ideas? If every general is out of my house, do the armies stay loyal? I'd be pretty happy about help, I don't wanna play at an easier level but it's just annoying liker this.


  • nodulousnodulous Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 919
    Marry off opposition generals then Entice either general or wife (not both) to join your faction. Keep an eye on opposition faction and character traits. You don't want pacifist patriots etc. assassinate them, you want mercantile, mogul etc. Issue an edict in opp controlled provinces for +10 loyalty. A suitably promoted diplomat deployed in these provinces increases loyalty. Research the tech that gives increased loyalty. For short term boosts keep opp politicians to send on diplomatic missions +5 and the increase loyalty payment +10.

    Keep your influence high to reduce number of regions available to opposition parties, use your own party generals to do most of the fighting. Keep your best generals in your own family, adopt them if you have to. Otherwise they're likely to form independent parties. If you have a particularly difficult opp party get them to secede in your time. Make sure other parties are above 0 loyalty, they're less than -20 preferably and remove target generals from command.

    That's all I can think of but there are other diplomatic moves that can give temporary loyalty and random events. Use these to cover your unpopular acts like enticements. Good luck.
  • Fredmaster97Fredmaster97 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Thank you very much, I will try it then!
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