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Restore multi-hit properties to Aranessa's pole dance

SoftekanSoftekan Registered Users Posts: 9
Watching some of the newer Lords (Snikch, Master Assassins, and Ancient Kroxigor to name a few) slay enemies with their mult-hit attacks was a treat for my eyes, and it made me miss how before the Vampire Coast was officially released Aranessa used to hit everybody while she twirled around her pole. In its current state, it looks a little goofy when she keeps swinging on her halberd after the initial hit, as enemies watch unimpressed.

I understand the attack's properties were changed when it was pointed out she could burst down characters absurdly fast if all the hits landed, so I wouldn't mind if it was restored to a more 'toned down' state. Maybe, have it hit 2-3 times, instead of the 4 attacks it used to do.


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