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Sun Ce's 'Bloody Fury' skill is very annoying and a huge detriment to him!

DrawVidsDrawVids Registered Users Posts: 23
edited March 2020 in General Discussion
It's a great idea, but him going beserk (can't control him and can't use his abilities) every time he goes into combat is super, super frustrating.
He constantly needs babysitting so he's not stood there doing anything when he stops beserking.



  • RewanRewan Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,433
    Should only trigger in a duel imo.
  • Misaka_ComplexMisaka_Complex Registered Users Posts: 2,872
    Agreed, he even goes berserk when cleaning up after the battle is decided, never used that skill again.
  • CK2BenchmarkCK2Benchmark Registered Users Posts: 358
    I don't think it should trigger when attacking routing units.
  • gatormarinediazgatormarinediaz Member Registered Users Posts: 410
    edited March 2020
    It's really frustrating. Every few seconds after he's been sent to attack another general or unit he loses control and runs off in a random direction. When the effect end, he just hangs out wherever he stopped and does nothing.

    If you don't constantly watch him and tell him to attack again, he'll spend entire battles standing around doing nothing.

    I don't mind that you can temporarily lose control of him, but it should at least keep him focused on the unit he's already attacking. As it is now he can be fighting an enemy 1 on 1, go berserk, and run away towards another unit nowhere near him. Then he ends the movement in the middle of an empty field nowhere near anything and just waits there for you to tell him what to do.

    This doesn't feel like a brash warrior losing control in the heat of battle, it feels like a schizophrenic person with short-term memory loss.
  • Zeues_1992Zeues_1992 Registered Users Posts: 267
    yes, totally agree, really annoying, he should at least auto attack nearest unit, add a cool down for each time it actives so it don't just chain berserk. or change it totally.
  • DrawVidsDrawVids Registered Users Posts: 23
    edited March 2020
    Glad people agree!

    He can't chase routing units unless you constantly give him orders (making killing everything at the end of the battle tedious).
    When beserk stops he just stands there and you once again have to order him.
    He can't stay attacking another general as the enemy general moves away causing Sun Ce just stands there.

    Overall it's an extremely tedious and annoying ability that effects Sun Ce negatively!

    Hope CA changes this in the future and if not a mod fixes the issue.
  • DrGoatDrGoat Registered Users Posts: 10
    The Berserk should most definitely be removed, maybe just change the skill to another completely.
  • MKEsbjornMKEsbjorn Registered Users Posts: 477
    I believe that Ma Chao has it as well. I avoid this skill like the plague (or corona virus). I really feel like it ruins any character that has this skill.
    At first when i saw it I thought this will be very useful but i wish i had never equipped it
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