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Vampire counts bug with The Oak of Ages


  • ZerwasZerwas Registered Users Posts: 1
    Same here. I conquered the oak lvl 3 so i got -15% ukeep (all armies) and +6 depravity each region!!!, this causes +24 depravity n provinces with 4 regions ... And thats hard with vampire count.
    Its impossible to build the occupied version of the oak.
  • ToastedAmphibianToastedAmphibian Registered Users Posts: 4
    I razed and recolonized it. So I get Oak of Ages (Ruined). No drawbacks that way, at least.
  • TallwakiedudeTallwakiedude Registered Users Posts: 27
    I have seen that happen to Miragliano, Couronne and Karak-Eight-peaks across 3 different play throughs. I believe its after Beastmen and/or Chaos burn it down. Seems only certain factions are affected by it though. Safest way is to raze it yourself and rebuild. This is a beta afterall

  • ToastedAmphibianToastedAmphibian Registered Users Posts: 4
    edited April 2020

    No, that's not effective. As I said, I did raze it to the ground, myself, and still got the Wood Elf version of the Oak instead of the Vampire version. I had a quick save from before I attacked it. Tried Occupy, Loot and Occupy, and Raze. All resulted in me having the wrong version (at various levels, obviously). No Beastmen or Chaos involved.
  • TallwakiedudeTallwakiedude Registered Users Posts: 27
    That's a shame. I will reload my autosaves (I do incremental end of turn autosaves) and see if Miragliano is any better if I burn it down first.

    I saw the issue in my Beastmen campaign with Couronne which I burnt down. Heinrich Kemmler settled it but it was permenantly a 0. Couronne took it back over and it was still a 0. Skaven took it back over and it became normal again, probably due to their food boost build mechanic.

    In my Tomb Kings Settra campaign I saw Karak-Eight-Peaks stuck as a 0 for most of the game so presumably someone must have burnt that down too. I had assumed it was chaos/beastmen but might have just been the orcs.
  • TallwakiedudeTallwakiedude Registered Users Posts: 27
    Can confirm that razing does not clear the issue. I also spent a couple of turns to wander up to the Oak to burn that down and settle but same there too.

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