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How to Assign Banners in Campaign in TWW2 Mortal Empries

Serpentine1Serpentine1 Registered Users Posts: 12
I have been playing this game for an embarrassingly long time (steam days 1000 plus hours) but only just learned that is have to assign banners. Sorry to ask what may be a stupid question but I cannot figure out how to do it. I have seen screenshots showing banners displayed in the pre-battle screen, but it have never seen that in the game. The banners seem compatible with some of my army units, but there is no option to assign them. I see a lot of discussions here about improving the banner assignment process with a prompt before battle, but could not find basic instructions on assigning banners in campaign that Have been helpful. I am playing the Reponse campaign in ME so there are a lot of banners, which is why I discovered this issue. I would appreciate any help (screenshots or video if possible). Thanks!


  • Serpentine1Serpentine1 Registered Users Posts: 12
    Typos: *steam says, *that I [not that is].
  • GettoGeckoGettoGecko Registered Users Posts: 958
    Are you kidding me? Just equip them with the lord and than assign them on the left side above your units pre battle screen to a unit that can use it.
  • Grom_the_PaunchGrom_the_Paunch Registered Users Posts: 1,970
    Answer: They are circular icons that you can click and drag onto unit portraits at the battle initiation. See them circled in the image below. The greyed out ones are already assigned.

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  • Ol_NessieOl_Nessie Registered Users Posts: 4,208
    On the lord details screen (where you assign weapons and items) there is another section for followers. Banners that you obtain will be listed in the same drop down menu that you use to assign different followers.

    Select which banners you want to give to each lord.

    These banners can only be assigned during the pre-battle screen (where you decide to fight, auto-resolve, or retreat, etc.). The available banners will be displayed in an area above your army units.

    Simply click on a banner and drag and drop it to the unit you want.

    Once assigned, the banner will stay with that unit for further battles until reassigned to another unit or if you give that banner to another lord. If you want to assign the banner to another unit, click on the small banner icon in the lower right corner of the current unit's card.

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  • Serpentine1Serpentine1 Registered Users Posts: 12
    Thanks a bunch for the answers with screen shots .. very helpful!
  • tww2rankstww2ranks Registered Users Posts: 462
    @Ol_Nessie how to add Spoiler (tag) ?
  • Grom_the_PaunchGrom_the_Paunch Registered Users Posts: 1,970
    edited April 10
    tww2ranks said:

    @Ol_Nessie how to add Spoiler (tag) ?

    @tww2ranks I know this ain't aimed at me, but I'll try to help anyway...

    Click on the "Format" button that looks like a "Paragraph" symbol ¶

    Choose "Spoiler" from the drop-down menu. Be careful. Use it like other options and check your preview.
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  • tww2rankstww2ranks Registered Users Posts: 462
    edited April 11
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