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Warhammer 2 Teclis Vortex campaign - Keeping up with Naggarond

NimbilityNimbility Registered Users Posts: 2
Apologies if this is a regular posting but I've looked around and Im struggling to find any guidance on how to actually win the race for the vortex as Teclis.

Theres seems to be consensus about the first 30 to 40 turns being spent dealing Blood Hall Coven and the Sentinels of Xeti. But If you are looking to keep up with Naggarond in the vortex race I'm at a loss as to how it can be done?

My best guess is to side with the High elf faction in the south to help deal with the endless lizards and eventually get a chunky confederation. But beyond that I'm stumped.

Any advise appreciated.


  • azurewrath44azurewrath44 Registered Users Posts: 621
    Teclis has 3 warp towns close to them. You get the dark elf one, the lizardman one south of that and then the tomb kings one at the south end of Lustria. 3 bases is more than enough to make you competitive. If you have extra time you can try and get the town at the north of Lustria as well, but it s a bit far.

    Making alliances with the other elf factions and then using them to attack designated cities. You may also want to sail an army all the way north early on and take a settlement north that you can use to raid from.

    You always have the terrible intercept armies. They can be effective if you get them early and buy the 10K one.

    Good luck.
  • Killertut#9655Killertut#9655 Registered Users Posts: 1,107
    let him win the race, have a really good army with teclis and stomp him in the final battle.
  • waristotlewaristotle Registered Users Posts: 17
    edited May 2020
    When I played a Teclis Campaign it was on VH and it was before the "Prophet and the Warlock" DLC. I don't think I was able to keep up with the DEs either. I was also new to the game so maybe that is expected.

    From what I remember though, Khlida is probably going to be your number one ally and trade partner at first. The elves to the east will also be there too. After that, I made sure to ally up with Itza as well. I don't know how the politics will play out now that "Cult of Sotek" is down in the south though. Compared to when I did my Teclis campaign, you should have a few more relic sites around to pick up (I think the relic site by the "Cult of Sotek" was added during that DLC? I could be wrong). If you want to keep up with the DEs as best you can, I would think you need the site near the "Cult of Sotek".

    Don't worry too much about keeping up with the rituals. You can interrupt the final ritual by the DE with a battle in the end. Just make sure you have a really strong army to deal with the final Dark Elf army.

    I am pretty sure I then sailed around and grabbed up all of the DE/Lokhir territory when I had a secure foothold in the first three or so areas around Teclis' starting region. Eventually I captured the whole continent of Lustria minus Khalida and the Dawi. There are some nice choke points north of Teclis so capture and secure those, then you should be free to take another army around to do things like take out Lokhir. Hope that helps. Maybe I load up my old campaign and look at the campaign logs a bit.
  • NimbilityNimbility Registered Users Posts: 2
    Thanks guys, I wasn't aware that intercepting the final ritual battles were remotely winnable! I was under the impression that the odds were overwhelmingly against you. But I was basing this on a past campaign where i was much less experienced! I've also just watched Superfiend do much the same in his campaign -

    The point about ritual resource towns and fighting the Skaven is also really valuable! Thank you!
  • ImpartialHorseImpartialHorse Registered Users Posts: 615
    Way back around realease time, I defended the vortex race against Naggarond by attacking their ritual sites during the third and fourth rituals, when I had grown large enough to do so.

    It felt a lot more satisfying than relying on the 'get out of jail free' final battles.
  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 3,414
    With pre-DLC Skaven, it actually was close to impossible after the difficulty bump.

    Any sufficiently powerful doomstack will do it just fine though, even at legendary.
  • endurstonehelmendurstonehelm Registered Users Posts: 4,189
    All the HE factions have access to the technology that lets you see the entire map. Once you can see the entire map, it is easy to use influence and good relationships and gold to get confederations with Tyrion and the other HE factions. Once you have all the other HE LLs, its easy to keep up with Naggarond.

    The one drawback you suffer from is maintaining a large empire that covers Lustria and Uthuan, but if you can maintain it, you will have enough income to win the game.
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