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Range issues, siege issues, simple solution but still nothing this far into the game.

skocoopskocoop Registered Users Posts: 11
I find it higly irritating that I cant get my ranged to stand still, if they don't have "vision" they'll walk forward when ordered to attack. Since there is an obvious range visibility bug where ranged units and artillery can't see things that they clearly can shoot at (if you alt + right click they can shoot at the exact same spot) why not just add a hold position button, since you apparently can't fix the actual vision bug this would in ways solve the issue. Really idiotic that a artillery walks straight into range fire on sieges because they can't "see" the **** wall.

The same thing can be said about enemy AI opening the gates, sometimes having your unit ending up on the other side of the gate and completely impossible to break the gate as they are not on the other side. I can clearly see that the gate is open why would I not be able to rush more units through it? Since the enemy AI keeps doing this **** atleast make it belivable.

Not to mention when you've got 3 holes in the wall, clearly give the order for all units to charge through one of the holes and they end up running halfway around the map for another hole, this was no the case earlier so why anyone would add this change is completely beyond me.

Every time I play a range heavy faction I end up running into this issue, artillery and range walking through the melees or straight up into the wall even if they clearly can shoot at the exact same position that the enemy is at with clear visibility.

I've bought every DLC as soon as they arrive and got some 700 hours into the game but because of the insane frustration with how this plays out and no kind of commication (that I've heard of) or simple fixes like I suggested I'm uninstalling and awaiting either a mod or CA to fix it if I'm going to continue playing this game and buying more DLC's or warhammer III. Not to mention the ranged complete disregard for shooting at things inside their range, often times when right clicking something they'll walk halfway into the range before firing because of their slow reaction, if no command is given they'll shoot a bit faster but more often then not they'll not fire at all even with clear line of sight

Also when playing as the defender why cant i turn my second line on walls towards the enemy? Why in any gods name is it impossible to turn them towards the enemy. Why is my ranged archers only able to face the enemy on the forward line. My solution is to take controll of the towers with melees and have my ranged stand below the wall to be able to fire behind melees which is such a waste of good potential.

Some simple fixes like a hold position button would solve a lot of this ****, but I'm completely perplexed to why this is not fixed so long into the game.


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