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History experts, assemble! Get your favourite history tidbit featured as event in Rome II

wolphyxwolphyx Registered Users Posts: 43
Hello fellow imperatores,

in an attempt to enhance the storytelling aspect of Rome II and capture the feel of being a leader in Roman times, I'm currently working on an extensive, multi-language Events and Dilemma mod featuring over 100 new dilemmas and incidents across all campaigns of Rome II. Some are unique one-time events, some are recurring, and some are even part of an ongoing storyline. Most of them are designed to respond to your actions on the campaign map (or even shape them) That means the places you visit, the things you do and your decisions all contribute to the experience you will get, making you face decisions that a ruler in ancient times could realistically be confronted with - in response your actions on the campaign map.

One type of new Events that will be featured are the City/Region Events, which can trigger some time after you conquer a certain region or city. They often incorporate for example some of of the regions history, culture, tales or landmarks and turn them into a dilemma with significant impact on your campaign.

So I was hoping the history experts among you could help me out. Do you know of certain events, legends, regional history tidbits or landmarks that could be used for narrative events or that you want to see featured in Rome II?

As an example, here are the taglines of some of the regional dilemmas I already created, so you get the gist:
  • The Valley of Kings - The tombs of the ancient kingdom have fallen into your hands. How will you deal with the legacy of the old Egypt? | (GC)
  • Carthago delenda est? - The arch enemy's city is finally conquered and at your mercy. What fate shall befall them? | (GC, HatG)
  • The Legendary Troia - A Pergamese farmer claims to have found the ruins of the mythical Troia from Homer's Illias. | (GC,IA)
  • The Library of Alexandria - The knowledge of this world is at your fingertips - will you put it to use? | (GC, IA)

Of course I will feature every contribution that makes it into the mod with a special thanks on the steam mod page when it's released and sacrifice a hecatomb of white bulls in your honour.

I'm excited to see what you come up with!


  • Lotor12Lotor12 Registered Users Posts: 311
    edited October 2018
    Support your idea!

    Whats about hypothetical Carthaginian capturing of their old mother city of Tyros /in Syria/ ??

  • Lotor12Lotor12 Registered Users Posts: 311
    In HATG roman conquest of Syracuse and Arcimedes' „Noli tangere circulos meos!“
  • Lotor12Lotor12 Registered Users Posts: 311
    Celtic mythology - bring priest to The Dolmens of Karnag /Namnetum in Celtica/ and Stonehenge /Iska in Britannia/
  • wolphyxwolphyx Registered Users Posts: 43
    Wonderful ideas, I have included some of them, thanks for the suggestions! I'll let you know when the mod releases :)
  • Clumsy0015Clumsy0015 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Judean Unrest - The temple you erected to our mighty gods in the city of Jerusalem has been vandalized by the local populace, who insist that they will worship only their one god! What should be done about this irreverence?
    (Temple in the city is damaged)
    - Execute the offenders ( - Public Order, + Culture)
    - Let them go (- Culture)

    Judean Riots - The people of Jerusalem are angry at our attempts to teach them our ways, and are rioting in protest! Many shops have been looted and the governor is waiting for your orders to crush the riot... or submit to their wishes.
    (-25% wealth from all sources)
    - Slaughter the protesters (+ PO, - Diplomatic Relations w/ same culture factions)
    - Grant religious freedom (+ PO, - Culture)
    - Warn the protesters (- PO)

    Judean Revolt - Sir! A letter from Jerusalem: The Jewish rabbis have condemned our rule, and raised a powerful army of zealots in the countryside. If we do not grant them independence, they will assault the city.
    (Large rebel army spawns outside of Jerusalem.)
    - Liberate Jerusalem: The city will become a friendly client state
    - Defend Jerusalem: The rebel army will attack the city
  • CaptainRadishCaptainRadish Registered Users Posts: 18
    edited April 2019
    Sounds cool, good luck with it.

    Maybe something for civil wars? They seem a bit bland as they are.

    Edit: ah, just realised this is quite an old post, looks like I’m late to the party.
  • SamGaladSamGalad Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited May 2020
    Never too late ! How 's the mod going ? That sounds like an amazing idea.
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